A warm welcome to you! Thank you for stopping by. As you read through my pages, I believe you will find that I am just like you—a woman who loves the Lord and cherishes His grace. And, like you, I sometimes grow weary from the journey. I have experienced many difficult places in my life—a brother’s suicide, my mom’s young death, cancer, a prodigal child, extensive unemployment. There have been times when I thought I couldn’t go on. But, God…don’t you love that? But God carried me through and opened my eyes to see Him in my midst. He opened my ears to hear His sweet whispers of love.

Take hope in the knowledge that you are cherished by the One who made you—you are sheltered in the shadow of His wing, close to His heart. It is my prayer that as we get to know one another you, too, will see beyond the veil and will learn to say, “Even so, I walk in the Presence of the Lord”

With joy,

Finding God’s Presence ~ Where is God When I Feel Insignificant?

Lord, You have worked hard to reassure me these past several days. When my mind and thoughts wandered to places of devastation, You led me back to solid ground. You reassured and reaffirmed me. Thank You. When my spirit fell numb, You infused me with Your strength and joy. Thank You for the gift of laughter, especially when tears seem more appropriate. Your joy can’t be explained, but I sure am thankful for it.

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Finding God’s Presence ~ Remembering With a River Rock

God has carried me through my wilderness places and now, in many ways, I stand on the edge of my Jordan — of my impossible. In my spirit I can see Him letting me down from His shoulders to stand in the rocky soil where the river laps. He’s not saying anything aloud, but His eyes — His eyes gaze into mine, searching, questioning, asking me if I will trust Him … trust Him here on the river’s edge.

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Finding God’s Presence ~ He Will Carry You in Your Weariness

Lord, I look to You for my source of strength, my unspeakable joy, and my perfect peace. I look to You, Lord, for You are faithful, Your promises are true. You carry me when I’m too weary to stand. In your tenderness, you wipe the tears that flow so freely.

I pray for others who need to be reminded of Your great love. Sometimes, the difficulties of life circumvent our knowledge of Your grace and abiding Presence. You haven’t gone anywhere, but suddenly in our frustration and angst, You seem afar off — aloof to our needs.

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Finding God’s Presence ~ Beloved of God. Our Role? Be-Loved

Perhaps Noah looked about at the safe gathering of two kinds of every living creature on the earth and thought, “It is well.”

What manner of love is this? In the face of mass destruction God made a way to save His righteous ones. He did not remain afar off watching the destruction of a rebellious people with satisfaction, but instead, as only a Father can, He made sure His child was safe in the storm — God personally closed the door behind Noah and his family.

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Where is God When My Flesh Stinks?

This I know … my flesh stinks. Please forgive me for my snarky thoughts. My tongue is sore from biting it. Thank You for the self-control not to speak my mind, but please forgive me for my thoughts that were not of You. Renew my thoughts by the power of Your Word. I bring them captive to Your Lordship because I so desire to please You in all things, especially the difficult places.

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The Breaking of a Robin’s Egg and Hope Secured

In child-like faith I recently scooped up the fragile pieces of my shattered life, and carried them to my Father. I placed them in His capable hands — put my hope in Him — and trusted Him to guard and resurrect my life.

Warmth from the brilliant light of His Presence infused my weary spirit. I lay upon the soft fleece of the Lamb who died that I might live. And I rested. And waited —

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The Lord, My Burden-Bearer

I pray for those who are drowning in their sorrows, floundering under the weight of burdens You did not ask them to carry. I ask that You give them the courage to raise the burden from themselves and willingly hand it over to You. I ask that You give us all a visual of this powerful transaction and Your desire to carry the load, for Your yoke is easy and Your burden is light … when we ask for Your help, when we give it to You. Help us to always ask for Your help, Lord.

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Where is God When Anxiety and Depression Overwhelm Me?

Lord, I can hear You calling, feel You nudging, tapping my shoulder to turn and face You and fall into Your open arms. You want me to rest in You, to conquer the anxiety pounding in my heart — the depression that stifles and isolates me.

You want me to stand still, be still, cease striving, and watch as You part the waters that I must pass through.

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