A warm welcome to you! Thank you for stopping by. As you read through my pages, I believe you will find that I am just like you—a woman who loves the Lord and cherishes His grace. And, like you, I sometimes grow weary from the journey. I have experienced many difficult places in my life—a brother’s suicide, my mom’s young death, cancer, a prodigal child, extensive unemployment. There have been times when I thought I couldn’t go on. But, God…don’t you love that? But God carried me through and opened my eyes to see Him in my midst. He opened my ears to hear His sweet whispers of love.

Take hope in the knowledge that you are cherished by the One who made you—you are sheltered in the shadow of His wing, close to His heart. It is my prayer that as we get to know one another you, too, will see beyond the veil and will learn to say, “Even so, I walk in the Presence of the Lord”

With joy,

A Prayer When You Need to Hear God’s Gentle Whisper

Lord, I hear You whisper to me, calling me out of the deep darkness of my thoughts — fearful thoughts, thoughts of uncertainty. Thank You for loving me enough to draw me into the embrace of Your Spirit where I find comfort and rest.

You are my sure place in this crazy world — my anchor in the storm. You command the treacherous waves and perilous winds to cease and they obey Your voice. I’m so grateful. Thank You for teaching me to listen for Your whisper and then to follow it to the safe place beneath Your wing.

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Faith Notes ~ Tara Archibald: He Shined His Light on My Cold Darkened Soul

Today’s guest on Faith Notes is a precious young woman named Tara Archibald. I actually met her through my blog. Tara had commented on another Faith Notes post with guest Sandi Miller. I knew immediately this little light for Jesus had a story to share.

This is what she said on Sandi’s post (Where is God When Your Childhood … Just … Isn’t?) after I invited her to share her story with us, “Wow! I would love to share! Honestly it scares me but God has impressed the word “courage” on me this year to step out of my comfort zone, to share my story, to love on others, to speak the truth in love, and, believe it or not, to write! I’ve been struggling with what and how. I’ve been sensing my story, but didn’t know the how. I love that He does.”  And we do too, Tara!

Thank you for saying yes to the Lord.

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Finding God’s Presence ~ Grasping the Wonder of God

I read these words, “I have heard of You by the hearing of the ear, but now my eye sees You” (Job 42:5).

The porch swing rocked in peaceful rhythm. My spirit stirred as I looked up from my Bible, raising it to my breast and grasping the wonder it held. I looked toward the ridge where the sun began its evening descent.

Magenta began rising above the trees. Lavender and apricot clouds tossed their petals across the wide expanse as the North Star made its appearance. Soon multitudes of stars — glistening diamonds — would make their presence known against an indigo sky.

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A Prayer When You Need a Song in the Night

Lord, I hear a bird singing outside my window and I am reminded of the song you have placed in my heart — a song of praise, a song of joy even though difficult situations are all around me. That’s a miracle Lord, and I praise You for it.

Your joy completes me.

Your joy releases the flow of Living Water that brings renewed hope to the broken places and life to places that once were dead.

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Faith Notes ~ Norma Gail: Where is God When Lightning Hits Its Mark?

It’s a delight to introduce you to my dear friend and fellow Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas author, Norma Gail. We first met several years ago while promoting our works on Twitter. You might say hashtags brought us together! And I’m so glad they did. We have been close friends and prayer warriors for each other ever since.

Norma lives high atop a mountain near Albuquerque, New Mexico which, in itself, astounds this little lady from the south. Who would ever think I’d have a close friend in New Mexico? But God knew how much I would need Norma in my life.

She has a strong faith rooted in God’s Word that carries her through the difficult places of chronic pain and illness. She learned this faith through her father, Lyle, whose story she shares below.

Her father once joked about wanting to die, fly rod in hand, in the middle of his favorite river … and that’s exactly what happened. Yes! Lightning took his life at age 65 while doing what he loved.

I know Norma’s testimony of God’s faithfulness and longsuffering during this tragic time will touch you deeply and give you strength for the journey.

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A Prayer When You Need to Stand on God’s Promises

Lord, You amaze me with Your goodness and grace that abounds to us always — Your promises for every aspect of our lives. You are ever-present, ever-merciful, and kind. Your eyes roam to and fro across the earth seeking those who love You who need to be encouraged. I cannot fully comprehend that kind of love and care from an Almighty God.

And yet it’s true.

Your promises are true.

Thank You for teaching me to stand on Your promises, to trust You to take care of all that concerns me. You really are the keeper of our souls. Awaken our hearts to take hold of that Truth — You keep us in Your care.

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Faith Notes ~ Nikolai Khamara: Where is God When Torture is Imminent?

In today’s Faith Notes, I’m sharing an excerpt from Jesus Freaks about a young Russian named Nikolai Khamara who, because of the faithful witness of Christians sharing space in a Communist prison, Nikolai came to know Jesus and to ultimately die for his faith.

Over the years I have often asked myself if I could remain faithful while facing down a gun barrel, or feeling the threatening prick of a sword. It’s easy to say, “Well, of course I would remain faithful to Jesus! Of course!” —  very easy while sitting at my desk with my Pioneer Woman’s coffee mug warming my chilly fingers and my ears tingling at the sound of quiet praise music filling the atmosphere of my study. “Of course I could do that!”

But could I? Could you?

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Finding God’s Presence ~ Can We Really Soar on the Wings of An Eagle?

I’ve only seen an eagle in the wild once.

A stiff wind pushed across the mountain ridge — trees bowing in submission to its force. The day shone gloriously bright and there high above me, soaring against the periwinkle sky was an eagle. Its majesty took my breath away. My jaw dropped and I tilted my head backwards so I could watch this messenger from heaven glide on the wings of the wind.

As I watched him rise up toward the sun, I thought about how the Lord had given me similar wings to rise up close to Him, just as He promised…

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