A warm welcome to you! Thank you for stopping by. As you read through my pages, I believe you will find that I am just like you—a woman who loves the Lord and cherishes His grace. And, like you, I sometimes grow weary from the journey. I have experienced many difficult places in my life—a brother’s suicide, my mom’s young death, cancer, a prodigal child, extensive unemployment. There have been times when I thought I couldn’t go on. But, God…don’t you love that? But God carried me through and opened my eyes to see Him in my midst. He opened my ears to hear His sweet whispers of love.

Take hope in the knowledge that you are cherished by the One who made you—you are sheltered in the shadow of His wing, close to His heart. It is my prayer that as we get to know one another you, too, will see beyond the veil and will learn to say, “Even so, I walk in the Presence of the Lord”

With joy,

Finding God’s Presence ~ Are You Questioning the Shepherd’s Voice?

On the outskirts of Bethlehem a grass covered field lays as an emerald gem against the backdrop of dusty, dry desert. It’s known as the Shepherd’s Field. Multiple shepherds bring their flocks there to graze and lie down upon the tender grass.

As the sun begins to inch towards the horizon at the closing of the day, each shepherd calls to his sheep. To the observer, there is a cacophony of voices traveling across the hillside. But to the sheep, they hear one voice — the voice of their own shepherd. The other voices are mere noise. The voice of their shepherd rises above the din and they follow him back home.

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A Prayer When You Need God to Strengthen You

Father, Your Word speaks to me in so many ways, especially this verse. I believe You are telling me to strengthen MY hands which hang down because of fatigue and anxiety, and my feeble knees which do not kneel as often as they should. You want me to do this so that I might, in turn, strengthen those around me.

When my arms hang down, remind me to lift them up in worship, to stretch them toward heaven — open hands, willing hands — ready to receive from You. When my knees hurt and I don’t want to kneel to pray, remind me to find a pillow to kneel on and to take Your hand as You help me lower myself and then stand once again. Your grace will cover my discomfort!

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Faith Notes ~ Tasha Brown: Finding God Through Unimaginable Loss

I know that I know God crossed my path with this amazing young woman. Her name is Tasha Brown. Worship oozes out of her as easily as she breathes. I suppose that happens — no, I know that happens — when God reveals the depth of His love for us through our difficult places.

In today’s Faith Notes, Tasha shares about the death of her identical twin, Tonya. I can’t fathom what that kind of loss feels like. I’m sure it must be like the actual ripping of your heart in two. It was a rough season in Tasha’s life, but her God was faithful and restored her hope of glory through a dream — a dream the moment Tonya died.

God goes out of His way to make His love known to us. Tasha and I pray that through the words of her heart, He will lead you to a place of healing there at the foot of the cross.

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A Prayer to Remind Us Who God Is When We Can’t Find Joy

Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty, Who was and is and is to come! Praise flows my heart and lips for You, O Lord. You are so incredibly wonderful to Your children — so faithful and kind.

I depend on You Lord. You are my anchor. My sure place. You are the ruler of my heart. Thank You for the price You paid that I may know You. Father, thank You for the sacrifice You gave for us — for a world that didn’t deserve it. I can only imagine how difficult it was for You to watch Jesus suffer and die. But I thank You from the bottom of my heart because I am a life that was changed by Your love.

Help each of us find #joy in the midst of difficult circumstances.

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Faith Notes ~ Nan Jones: How Do I Find the Secret Place of God?

From time to time I will be sharing parts of my story with you on Faith Notes. God truly is amazing, isn’t He? He astounds me often.

Today I’m sharing an excerpt from my book, The Perils of a Pastor’s Wife where I help my reader understand the concept of the secret place of the Most High. Have you ever thought about it? Ever wondered where it is and how to get there? I have!

The Lord promises in Psalm 32:7 that He is our hiding place and in Psalm 91:1 He promises that when we dwell in the secret place of the Most High, we will abide in the shadow of the Almighty. Are you intrigued too? I hope my exploration of this great truth will add to your understanding. Don’t you just love Him today?

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Finding God’s Presence ~ Outside Were Conflicts. Inside Were Fears

Sirens began their eerie scream as the sky turned dark and the clouds began to undulate in the currents of the wind. Kids hurried home from the apartment playground while worried mommas called their names. I grabbed our upstairs neighbor — another seminary student — and convinced her to stay with us until the tornado passed.

We huddled in an extra walk-in closet that had been designated as our storm shelter during our tenure in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The kids pulled blankets up under their chins and cuddled in one big heap beneath my arms. I was terrified, but I couldn’t let them know. They were counting on me to keep them safe.

And I was counting on God.

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A Prayer to Step Out Into the Deep Water

Lord, I know You are calling me to step out into the deep water. That is my desire too. But my heart and flesh fail me — I am overcome often by fatigue and anxiety. You, Lord, are the strength of my heart and my portion forever. It is You, Lord.

I can’t do this alone … in my own strength. I ask that You pour over me a fresh anointing of power, passion, talent, ability, and joy. Grant me the wings of eagles to rise above and soar into the heights of heaven. Train my focus on You.

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Faith Notes ~ Marcie Bridges: Mercy Revealed in the Shadow of Surrender

It is with great joy that I introduce you to my bestie, Marcie Bridges. This is one of those friendships that began online and blossomed into the real deal. Marcie has cried with me, schemed with me, traveled with me, and laughed with me — oh mercy! The laughter. She is affectionately known among friend circles as “Miss Pollyanna” because she can always find the silver lining in EVERYTHING.

Marcie is a very talented poet — in fact, poetry oozes out of this girl. Seriously. She included a poem at the end of her testimony that commemorates her day of surrender to the Lord.

To know Marcie is to love her. I know the words of her heart will give you strength for the journey.

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