Author: Nan Jones

A Prayer When Our Path Leads Through Gethsemane

Lord, You alone are worthy of praise for You are good. You are faithful, and True. On You I can depend.

Your goodness is constant. Even when my circumstances lead me through Gethsemane, Your goodness still stands.

I can’t rely on my feelings — and I don’t want to — but doggone it, my emotions run so …

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The Morning Star Rises in Our Hearts and Breaks the Dawn

The inky jet of night blanketed the earth in deafening silence. Stillness. Thoroughness. A billion stars scattered tiny points of light high above me. But the complete darkness outside my window remained — heaven’s light was out of view.

Much like my own inward light.

The darkness reflected my thoughts — thoughts of discouragement. Depression. Where was my light of joy and peace?

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A Prayer When God is Shrouded by a Cloud and Can’t be Seen

Lord, great is Your faithfulness! You are mighty to save, sovereign over all things. I trust You, really I do, but when You are shrouded by a cloud, and I can’t find You in my difficult place, doubt finds an entrance.

When Your Presence is shrouded by a cloud of adversity, I easily lose my way.

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