Author: Nan Jones

Desperate to Garner Strength to Trust God in the Days Ahead

I opened the well-worn devotional and strove to garner strength for the day. The reflection was on the necessity of spending time in God’s presence, of relishing the beauty of His holiness, and soaking in His grace.

But it was the last sentence that penetrated my heart:

“He walks in glory on the hills and longs for men [and women] to join Him there.”

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A Prayer for God Holding Me Close Like He Promised

Lord, Your tender watch-care brings me such comfort and security. I am safe in Your arms. Thank You for holding me close.

Thank You for teaching me to recognize Your presence and to rely on Your promises. For in Your promises You assure me You will be near — You will be holding me close in my time of struggle.

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MessY Beneath Your Tapestry? His Grace is Enough

I pulled the hood on my jacket closer to ward off the chill in the air. Like the pattern in a tapestry repeated over and over, my footsteps trudged along our mountain road … over and over … my daily walk with Jesus consistent, predictable, and beautiful.

And usually beneath each step, a tangled mess of heartbreak and often frustration — just like the underside of a tapestry.

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