Author: Nan Jones

Morning Dew Refreshes the Earth Like Grace Upon a Thirsty Soul

The morning dew lay heavy upon the grass, glimmering drops of refreshment clinging to each blade. In each tiny globe of moisture, the light of a new day reflected like glitter scattered across the field.

I thought of how the dew was formed — the warm air rising from the earth clashing with the cooler air of descending darkness …

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A Prayer When Stinking Thinking Needs the Aroma of Christ

Lord, thank You for Your longsuffering with us. Your patience is truly amazing, especially when it comes to our stinking thinking.

Why do we do that? Why do we listen to the lies of the enemy, decide to dwell there, and then get our panties in a wad because anxiety takes over? It’s ridiculous that we would fall for Satan’s lies rather then standing firm in Your truth.

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The Father of Lights. There is No Shadow of Turning

Sunlight blazed from the summer sky filling the earth with heaven’s light. The Spirit of God made His Presence known all about me as the gentle breeze whispered through the pines. Walking along our country road, I found refuge beneath His wing — the Father of Lights casting exquisite sunbeams through the canopy of interlocking pine, oak, and elm. Birds called from the treetops. White-tail deer sprinted from the creek into the forest’s safety.

Creation declared His glory all about me — His glory is always proclaimed.

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