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When Fear is Hammering Your Heart, Put Your Hope in God

Sirens began their eerie scream as the sky turned dark and the clouds began to undulate in the currents of the wind. Kids hurried home from the apartment playground while worried mommas called their names, fear hammering our hearts.

I grabbed our upstairs neighbor — another seminary student — and convinced her to stay with us until the tornado passed.

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A Prayer When You Need a Silver Lining in the Storm Clouds

I’m learning, Lord, that You are the silver lining when the storm clouds billow and threaten destruction over my life. You are the light in the darkness. The glory of Your abiding presence creates the brilliant outline surrounding the charcoal gray of the storm.

Yes, Lord, it is because of Your presence in the storm that the silver lining appears.

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Overcoming the Fear that Stirred Within Me

It was a brisk morning. The fire crackled beside me overcoming the chill in our home. The Word of God lay open on my lap overcoming the fear that stirred within me.

In our living room my husband blared the television with its insistent updates on the coronavirus pandemic — a necessary part of our lives these days, but a fear producer as well. With David’s dementia, the pandemic has created enormous amounts of paranoia in his mind which has caused a very decipherable decline in his mental condition over the past few weeks.

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When God Met Me on Barren Branches Ripe for Spring

I slid the dish into the warm sudsy water, but my mind was a million miles away — certainly not on the breakfast dishes. Peering out the window over the kitchen sink, I noticed two sparrows perched on a long extended tendril of the grapevine that had stretched itself into the apple tree and wound itself through the barren branches ripe for spring.

The birds appeared to be so peaceful. Calm. Content.

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