Finding God’s Presence ~ Who is The Keeper of My Soul?

Sunshine bathed my face in warm light as I gazed at the sapphire sky of October. Peace stirred within me — a peace long sought after. I walked up the gravel drive of the country church nestled in our mountain hollar. Sitting down on the church’s top step, I wrapped my arms around my knees, intertwined my fingers, gently rocked, and thought of the Lord, the Keeper of my soul.

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Faith Notes ~ Cathy Baker: Where is God When I Have to Wait for Answers?

When I think about Cathy Baker, the words that come to mind are “selfless love” … and funny! This girl really is funny. But “selfless love” comes to me first. It’s not like Cathy and I are besties — we don’t live near one another or exchange phone calls, but we are close friends through the Christian writing community. I’ve observed her interaction with others — the encouragement, wisdom, putting her needs second to assist someone else. Yep. Cathy exudes the love of Christ and I am honored to know her. I can’t wait to share her story with you about a time she had to wait on God and learn to trust Him.

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Finding God’s Presence ~ How to Satisfy the Excessive Thirst of a Nation

My lips smacked together from the dryness of excessive thirst. I had worked in the yard all afternoon beneath a blazing summer sun complete with tropical air hovering over our mountain. Rivulets of sweat drenched me, adding to my thirst and need for water.

I came into the cool of the house, filled my glass with ice cubes and cold water, and gulped it down! The first glass made me want more — one glass was not enough. I quickly filled my glass again and practically inhaled the liquid refreshment. What joy as the cold water coursed through my lips and satisfied a voracious thirst.

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Faith Notes ~ Jamie Britt: The Phone Call That Changed Our Lives

Jamie Britt is an amazing young woman who inspires me and many others often. You see, Jamie was a preemie and, as a consequence has no sight. She was born completely blind. But let me tell you, this young woman can see better than most of us. She has a sweet and sincere relationship with Jesus and has devoted her life to bringing Him honor through all things. I can’t wait for you to meet her. #FaithNotes

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Finding God’s Presence ~ A Scrawny Tomato Plant Speaks of God’s Faithfulness

Harvest was plentiful. Luscious, scarlet globes hung in abundance. But now? Now my tomato plants are beginning to look scrawny. Summertime nourished them and they thrived, but now summer is exiting, giving birth to fall. Chilly mountain mornings threaten the fruit on the vine and the once sturdy stalks bow to the weight of their burdens, no longer strong from the warmth of summer’s sun.

Although the tomatoes are threatened, although the season of thriving has passed, fruit remains that is yet to ripen.

With cord, I bind up the weakened stalks …

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