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Finding God’s Presence ~ Even in My Ugliness, He Loved Me Still

Wounds of the heart can grow bitterness. Ugliness. Anguish, or distress.

Or … wounds of the heart can grow good seeds of grain, crushed to produce life-giving bread to feed others. Deep faith can grow with roots steady and strong. Eyes can open to see abounding grace and the abiding presence of the Lord.

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Finding God’s Presence ~ A Prayer When God’s Promises Are Needed

O God, You are my God! When I seek You, I will find You. When I call on Your Name, You will answer. When I bear my heart before You in prayer, You respond before the words leave my lips. Bless you Lord.

Stir up a hunger and thirst for Your Word in each of us who long to know You more. Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but Your Word holds the answers, for You alone are our hope.

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Finding God’s Presence ~ When Life Comes in Sudden Like A Flash Flood

Like a flash flood roaring through a mountain canyon, anxiety came out of nowhere to overtake me. I was caught by surprise and taken down by its destructive power. I quickly found myself submerged in turbulent waters filled with debris from a broken heart — debris that I thought had been removed from my spirit. Debris that blocks the flow of Living Water, the well from which I find my peace.

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Finding God’s Presence ~ A Prayer to Know The Holy One

Lord, You are the Holy One, the Almighty God, who sanctifies us … You have called us to be holy, just as You are holy, not in and of ourselves, but through the precious blood of Jesus — the Lord our Righteousness …

But then life happens and it becomes hard to be holy as You are holy and we fail You miserably Lord. Please forgive us. Please help us realize this “becoming holy as You are holy” is a journey, a process … a hard fought battle between flesh and spirit.

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Finding God’s Presence ~ That Still, Small Voice Reminding Me I Am His

And I thought of the day when He said, “I will be your God and You will be My child” — that wondrous day of my salvation when I entered into covenant love with my Maker. That day I asked Him to be my first love. Can you remember the day You met the Almighty God through the shed blood of Jesus? For some it was a quiet knowing, for others a miraculous day of exuberant shouting, but for all of us, I believe it was a day of wonder.

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Finding God’s Presence ~ A Prayer When Words Are Not Enough to Express My Praise

… But then You meet me in the quiet place and my soul begins to awaken to Your Spirit. A song rises within, sometimes through tears, sometimes with rejoicing, but always through thankfulness. I am blessed by Your sweet communion and I believe You are too. Is that when my praise speaks most clearly of my adoration for You? Is it in the quiet place — just You and me away from the hoopla of a frenzied life — that my heart beats with Yours? …

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Finding God’s Presence ~ Dangling Between the Familiar and the Unknown

The child dangled from a large tree limb, legs flailing, tongue wailing. She was terrified of dangling so far above the ground, yet terrified even more of letting go to slip into her father’s arms flung outstretched beneath her. Her saga on the limb, though dangerous, was a sure thing, even if she didn’t like it — though she dangled, her grasp was strong and the limb sturdy.

But she was stuck and afraid.

Afraid to let go.

The child was me.

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Finding God’s Presence ~ When You’re Looking For The Dawn

Is life coming at you hard with blinding rain and dizzying wind? Are you clinging to the cross determined to keep your eyes focused on the One who loves you, but struggling just the same? Dear friend, you are not alone.

Not only are many other children of God facing their own storms, Jesus is with us through every. single. moment. He is faithful to make intercession on our behalf to the Lord. He is our hiding place from the wind, a cover from the tempest. When we are parched with weariness, He is as rivers of water to quench our thirst.

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Finding God ~ A Prayer to Know God’s Abiding Presence

Lord, You are so awesome. Thank You for teaching me about Your abiding presence. What comfort I find knowing that You are with me always.

I listen for Your voice in the thunder that I might remember Your power. I listen for Your sweet whisper as the gentle breeze brushes through the pines. The clouds are the dust of Your feet and I imagine You drawing near me when I need Your strength.

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Finding God’s Presence ~ A Battle in The Sky

… To my left, coming from the forest line across the river, an aerial battle ensued. A bird the size of a sparrow chased a huge raven. Like a fighter pilot she dive-bombed her enemy, flew circles around him and swooped down across his back. Her enemy was clearly on the run.

Nan, that’s how I want you to handle your enemy. Be fierce. Courageous. Don’t bow to him. Resist him in My Name and you will find victory. Don’t be afraid because I am with you and don’t give in to the weariness Satan wants to overwhelm you. I AM your strength …

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