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Finding God’s Presence ~ A Prayer to Be Held by The All-Sufficient God

O Lord, You are the All-Sufficient God. No matter my need, You are able and, in Your mercy, You come to my aid when I cry out to You. You hold me as Your child, bringing comfort and security in my time of need. You are a good Father who knows the road we travel — the trials, the heartache, our joys and our victories…

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Finding God’s Presence ~ The Mystery of God’s Everlasting Love

I pray for those who seek Your Truth, who seek to know You in the Secret Place — to unveil Your mysteries through Jesus. Please do not withhold Your mercies from them. Illuminate their darkness with Your glorious Light, lighting their paths one step at a time by the power of Your Word.

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Finding God’s Presence ~ He Will Carry You in Your Weariness

Lord, I look to You for my source of strength, my unspeakable joy, and my perfect peace. I look to You, Lord, for You are faithful, Your promises are true. You carry me when I’m too weary to stand. In your tenderness, you wipe the tears that flow so freely.

I pray for others who need to be reminded of Your great love. Sometimes, the difficulties of life circumvent our knowledge of Your grace and abiding Presence. You haven’t gone anywhere, but suddenly in our frustration and angst, You seem afar off — aloof to our needs.

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Where is God When Anxiety and Depression Overwhelm Me?

Lord, I can hear You calling, feel You nudging, tapping my shoulder to turn and face You and fall into Your open arms. You want me to rest in You, to conquer the anxiety pounding in my heart — the depression that stifles and isolates me.

You want me to stand still, be still, cease striving, and watch as You part the waters that I must pass through.

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A Most Gentle Whisper

Elijah, the mighty man of God, lay hiding in a cave. This, after the Angel of the Lord found him sleeping beneath a broom tree to which he had shouted to the heavens, “It is enough! Now, Lord, take my life, for I am no better than my fathers!” His despondency called for a gentle whisper of reassurance — anything from the God he served.

And the amazing thing is that these points of desperation occurred after this mighty man of God had defeated 450 of Baal’s prophets. by. him. self. Elijah knew the power of God. He knew the faithfulness of God. Yet he ran for his life because he feared a woman named Jezebel.

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