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Faith Notes ~ Latoya Mayberry: A Life Redeemed After Spiritual Abuse

Latoya Mayberry is a beautiful, spunky, on-fire-for-God young woman that I admire greatly. In fact, she had to go through the fire of spiritual abuse from church leaders to come to this place of solid footing on the Rock of Christ — her refuge.

After reading Latoya’s testimony, the Holy Spirit reminded me of one of my favorite verses: Lamentations 3:22-24, “Through the Lord’s mercies we are not consumed, because His compassions fail not. They are new every morning; Great is Your faithfulness. ‘The Lord is my portion’, says my soul, ‘Therefore I hope in Him!'”

I believe these words of Jeremiah resonate in Latoya’s heart for she knows the One in whom she has believed. She has found Him faithful and trustworthy. She has wept as He redeemed the abuse of those who should have known better than to cast their stones in an attempt to destroy this young woman of God.

Maybe you have been hurt by church people. Unfortunately, it happens — not because we wrestle with flesh and blood, but because we wrestle with principalities of darkness. The bad news is that all too often these principalities come with skin on, but the good news is that our God is the Redeemer of our lives. Through Latoya’s testimony I pray you will find encouragement and healing.

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Faith Notes ~ Callie Daruk: Sometimes God Gives Us More Than We Can Handle. Yes … Really

In a cluster of new friends on Twitter, this little light was shining. Her name is Callie Daruk. Seven years ago, Callie found herself face-to-face with the reality that her 32 years of professing Christ was merely lip service — that she knew about Jesus, but she did not know Him. What an eye-opener! How many others have come to the same realization?

Callie discovered this during an excruciatingly painful time in the life of her family. She discovered that sometimes God will give us more than we can handle, simply to help us realize that we can’t handle it without Him.

When I asked Callie if she would share her story on Faith Notes, this is how she responded: “Well hi there sweet Nan. Thank you so much for taking time to read my blog and for your sensitivity to follow the Holy Spirit. Yes, hon, oh boy, did Christ ever find me in a time of darkness. I am seven years on the other side and I am still as hungry for him as the day I was at the end of my rope. I would be delighted to allow God’s goodness to flow, for truly it is really His story and one He’s simply allowed me to be a part of.”

She had my heart at “Well hi there sweet Nan…” I know you will be touched by Callie’s beautiful story of redemption.

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Faith Notes ~ Eliza Downer: You Give and Take Away. Blessed Be Your Name

For starters, what a great name! Eliza Downer. Eliza is one of those connections that absolutely would not have happened without the hand of God orchestrating our meeting, albeit online. She had commented on a thread I was following on facebook and the Lord pointed His finger from heaven and said, “That one. Ask Eliza to share on Faith Notes.” So I did.

And I’m so glad I did.

What a precious, Godly young woman she is.  Eliza has lost it all to find Christ. She is learning the hard lesson of surrendering her dreams with complete abandon to the One she trusts, because trusting Him is all she can do in her circumstances. But Jesus is her sure place and He is great at wiping her tears when they freely fall. #FaithNotes

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Faith Notes ~ Nan Jones: It’s a God-Thing

From time to time I will be sharing parts of my story with you on Faith Notes. God truly is amazing, isn’t He? He astounds me often. This is one of those stories — an amazing testimony of God’s faithfulness to provide. Not only that, but He orchestrated events through what we would consider mistakes. They weren’t mistakes at all — it was all part of His plan to take care of me — it was a God-thing. I love when He gives us such a beautiful glimpse of His goodness.

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Faith Notes ~ Lori Cunningham: Where Was God During My Violent Abuse?

I’ve only known Lori Cunningham a few short weeks through an online friendship, but I know there is something very special about her. I think of the beautiful, delicate rose whose petals have fallen to the ground only to be crushed by uncaring feet. But the result is the sweet aroma that infuses its surroundings with beauty and grace.

You see, Lori is that delicate rose who was crushed as a child, but she found the faithfulness of the Lord in her anguish and now her life emits the sweet aroma of Christ to the world around her. Although her story is very painful to read, she has found the presence of God throughout — even in the most vile moments. Lori clings to His outstretched hand, and He imparts grace and healing.

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Faith Notes~ Tosin Olabode: Why God? Why Must Daddy Die?

I am delighted to share my guest, Tosin Olabode, with you today on Faith Notes. Tosin lives in Jos, Nigeria where he lives his young life with purpose and on mission for the Lord Jesus Christ. We met a few years ago on twitter and clicked instantly. He calls me Ma a good bit of the time, which I adore.

Tosin Olabode
Tosin is wise beyond his years and shares much wisdom in his first book, Insights, that just released on January 1st. As I prepared for this post I visited Tosin’s facebook page and found this message alongside one of his photos, “Your words of encouragement, your words of inspiration, your motivating speeches… Cant just say it all. When you handle mic, you speak… When you hold pen, you write and I always wish I can just have that you know. But to go by your words, nothing happens by mistake. So there’s a purpose of me meeting you and I thank God I did.”

Now do you  believe me? This young man is very special. I can’t wait for you to meet my friend, Tosin Olabode.

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Faith Notes ~ Maureen Hager: Biker Gangs, Bullet Wounds, and God’s Redeeming Love

My guest this week on Faith Notes is Maureen Hager who happens to be one of my Christian Communicator sisters. I love having the opportunity to share her with you. My goodness, what a testimony! Because of life’s hardships, Maureen found herself seeking refuge and companionship in a biker gang. As a young woman desperately in need of Jesus, but seemingly running as far away from Him as possible, God saw and drew her to Himself. Isn’t His mercy incredible? God used the tragedy of massive gunshot wounds to reveal His love to Maureen and now she lives to tell of His glory and faithfulness. I’m sure the words of her heart will touch you.

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Faith Notes ~ Lisa Anne Tindal: Finding God in Quiet Confidence

A few months ago the Lord, in His goodness, crossed my path with Lisa Tindal. We found each other on Twitter and although we haven’t become bosom buddies, I am clearly drawn to her deep searching soul — one that seeks and finds the tender care of God in the mundane as well as in the devastated places where a fallen world wreaks havoc. Lisa is precious. In fact, each time I think of her, precious is the word the Lord gives me.

Lisa chose to share her story as an essay — a proclamation of found truth, a testimony of finding confidence in the quiet place. She has titled it, Healing Time.

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Faith Notes ~ Sam Evans: Cerebral Palsy, Lung Cancer, and Jesus

I seriously love this woman named Sam Evans. I don’t know her. We have barely developed an online friendship, but I love her. She is full of spunk. Love. And faithfulness to her Lord. Her childhood was difficult enough due to cerebral palsy, but now, just in the past few weeks, she has learned that her young and precious husband has been diagnosed with stage-four lung cancer. And yet she praises God. She trusts Him. She crawls desperately into His presence and dwells there. Thank you Sam. Thank you for your authentic, raw, and messy faith. You are a blessing.

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Faith Notes ~ Nancy Alexander: My Journey Through Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia has connected many of us, drawing us close in search of a listening ear and understanding heart. Nancy Alexander is one of these friends. Her newly released book, My Journey Through Fibromyalgia describes in detail the destructive force fibromyalgia can be, but she doesn’t leave her reader there. Nancy shares the faithfulness of God to carry her through these turbulent waters and gives hope to others who are coming to terms with their own battles. She has learned to find the nearness of God when she needed Him the most.

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Faith Notes ~ Rosemarie: Broken to Be Remade

Rosemarie is a dear sister-of-the-heart who has encouraged me with the Word of the Lord and undergirded me with prayer time and time again. We met on Twitter a couple of years ago because she read my book, The Perils of a Pastor’s Wife, and contacted me so that I would know she had been touched by its words and testimony of God’s faithfulness. From there a very special friendship grew.

Rosemarie, like many of us, has endured severe seasons of heartache and trial, but through it all God has remained steadfast and faithful to her. Rosemarie describes herself this way, “There are some ministers who teach the masses like Jesus with the Sermon On The Mount, but I am like Jesus who meets the Samaritan woman at the well when there is no one around.” To that I say, “Yes and amen!” Rosemarie lives to love, serve, and encourage others.

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Faith Notes ~ Nan Jones: Hard Lessons of Finding Joy in My Wilderness

From time to time I am going to share some of my story with you on Faith Notes. I have lived through many painful experiences in my life where the Lord faithfully revealed Himself to me, but I had to learn to open my eyes to see Him and I had to learn to literally be still and remember that He is my God and I am His child. Hard lessons. Eternal lessons. Lessons for which I am grateful.

Today I am sharing the very first time the Lord revealed Himself to me in an extraordinary way.

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