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Faith Notes ~ Nancy Alexander: My Journey Through Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia has connected many of us, drawing us close in search of a listening ear and understanding heart. Nancy Alexander is one of these friends. Her newly released book, My Journey Through Fibromyalgia describes in detail the destructive force fibromyalgia can be, but she doesn’t leave her reader there. Nancy shares the faithfulness of God to carry her through these turbulent waters and gives hope to others who are coming to terms with their own battles. She has learned to find the nearness of God when she needed Him the most.

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Faith Notes ~ Rosemarie: Broken to Be Remade

Rosemarie is a dear sister-of-the-heart who has encouraged me with the Word of the Lord and undergirded me with prayer time and time again. We met on Twitter a couple of years ago because she read my book, The Perils of a Pastor’s Wife, and contacted me so that I would know she had been touched by its words and testimony of God’s faithfulness. From there a very special friendship grew.

Rosemarie, like many of us, has endured severe seasons of heartache and trial, but through it all God has remained steadfast and faithful to her. Rosemarie describes herself this way, “There are some ministers who teach the masses like Jesus with the Sermon On The Mount, but I am like Jesus who meets the Samaritan woman at the well when there is no one around.” To that I say, “Yes and amen!” Rosemarie lives to love, serve, and encourage others.

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Faith Notes ~ Nan Jones: Hard Lessons of Finding Joy in My Wilderness

From time to time I am going to share some of my story with you on Faith Notes. I have lived through many painful experiences in my life where the Lord faithfully revealed Himself to me, but I had to learn to open my eyes to see Him and I had to learn to literally be still and remember that He is my God and I am His child. Hard lessons. Eternal lessons. Lessons for which I am grateful.

Today I am sharing the very first time the Lord revealed Himself to me in an extraordinary way.

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Faith Notes ~ Mandy Farmer: When God’s People Hurt You & Other Fibromyalgia Woes

Mandy Farmer and I met on Twitter through a hashtag: #Fibromyalgia. How about that? Not only do we share the difficulties fibromyalgia presents, but we also share the rewards and struggles of pastoral ministry through serving as pastors’ wives. She is a bright light on social media as she strives to minister to those who suffer with chronic pain and those who may feel alone in battle fatigued through pastoral ministry. I know you will enjoy learning her faith journey as she shares how she clings to the hand of God through it all.

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Faith Notes ~ Cindy Eller: Where is God When a Daughter is Murdered?

I met my guest, Cindy Eller, several years ago in our local community of Ashe County, NC. Even before I knew her story, I recognized the strength of the Lord emanating from her — the strength that shows in the eyes that harbor deep wounds, yet the heart loves unconditionally and the lips smile with genuineness. After I learned of her family’s heart-wrenching ordeal, my admiration and respect grew even more. Cindy is a power to be reckoned with — not because she is a mighty warrior in her own strength, but because she knows the God in whom she has believed and she lives to tell His story of grace.

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Faith Notes ~ Cathy Baker: Where is God When I Have to Wait for Answers?

When I think about Cathy Baker, the words that come to mind are “selfless love” … and funny! This girl really is funny. But “selfless love” comes to me first. It’s not like Cathy and I are besties — we don’t live near one another or exchange phone calls, but we are close friends through the Christian writing community. I’ve observed her interaction with others — the encouragement, wisdom, putting her needs second to assist someone else. Yep. Cathy exudes the love of Christ and I am honored to know her. I can’t wait to share her story with you about a time she had to wait on God and learn to trust Him.

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Faith Notes ~ Jamie Britt: The Phone Call That Changed Our Lives

Jamie Britt is an amazing young woman who inspires me and many others often. You see, Jamie was a preemie and, as a consequence has no sight. She was born completely blind. But let me tell you, this young woman can see better than most of us. She has a sweet and sincere relationship with Jesus and has devoted her life to bringing Him honor through all things. I can’t wait for you to meet her. #FaithNotes

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Faith Notes~ Shadia Hrichi: The God Who Sees Me

On Faith Notes today, Shadia Hrichi shares a powerful testimony of God’s redemptive love:

You and I live in a broken world. A world in which each of us, at one time or another, will experience some form of suffering. Some caused by others; some due to our own poor choices.

I suppose the first major heartbreak in my life happened when I was twelve years old and my parents divorced. Looking back, I realize that soon after my father left home, I began looking for love in all the wrong faces.

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Faith Notes ~ Julie Dibble: But God, I Want To Be In Control!

My first impression of Julie Dibble is that she sparkles with the Light of Christ! I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting her in person, but her online personna makes my heart smile. I can’t wait to share her testimony with you. Julie speaks candidly of her frustration with her husband’s extended complications from surgery and why God wasn’t handling things the way she thought He should be. She even admits to wanting to be in control. Now, I know you’ve never felt that way, right? Yeah, right. I think we all have felt that way at one time or another. But our God is longsuffering, merciful, and good to His children. Please welcome Julie to Faith Notes.

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Faith Notes ~ Tracie Manders: Where Are You God When My Child Dies?

You are about to meet a precious young woman, Tracie Manders. Tracie and her husband, Nathan, ┬álost their five year old son, James, in a tragic car accident January 12, 2017. This is her story of raw pain and questioning the God she loves and ultimately her story of faith. It is a story of unbelievable heartache, yet determination to keep the memory of her son alive and to use his story for God’s glory. James was a happy child with a smile always on his face. He would light up a room when he walked in. James loved Jesus and looked forward to seeing heaven one day. As hard as these months have been, Tracie and Nathan have found the Lord to be faithful and His grace sufficient. They have found His tender mercies really are new every morning. I know their story will impact your life deeply.

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Faith Notes ~ Sandi Miller: Where is God When Your Childhood … Just … Isn’t?

Sandi Miller — what a mighty woman of God! The Lord has taken her life from a barren desert to overflowing streams that create an oasis for other hurting women. She amazes me and I know that I know her Redemption story will touch you deep in your soul. Please share this with any woman you know who has suffered the devastation of childhood sexual abuse and the broken heart, guilt, and shame of abortion. Sandi wants others to know the Father’s forgiveness and, together, we ask the Lord to help set the captives free.

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Faith Notes ~ Tammy Stewart: Miscarriages and Miracles

As I allow the Holy Spirit to guide me through this new feature called Faith Notes, I am often prompted to contact someone I don’t know and ask them to share their testimony. Even though I don’t know what their story is, the Lord does and He knows who needs to hear it. Tammy Stewart is one of these people. She shares her story of the loss and heartache of multiple miscarriages and how she found the faithfulness of God through it all. She is becoming a dear sister-friend who desires above all things to glorify God in her life and help others. She and I are praying that you will be encouraged by the words of her heart.

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