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Finding God’s Presence ~ When Tiny Black Globes Stare Directly Into Mine

It’s said that the eyes are the window to our souls, and though I could not see into his eyes, I had the overwhelming feeling that those tiny black globes were staring directly into mine. Searching. Questioning.

He just hovered there, bobbing up and down, left and right. I gripped my coffee cup and dared not move lest the hummingbird became frightened and darted away from the window. #FindingGodsPresence

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Finding God’s Presence ~ A Prayer to Know the Fullness of God’s Love

How great is Your Love! It reaches to the highest heavens and it flows like a giant waterfall into the lowest valleys of our hearts. We cannot grasp its height, or width, or depth, but I want to Lord. I want to know the fullness of Your love. Thank You for giving me a glimpse. Even a glimpse is almost too glorious to fathom.

I ask that You touch those who are hurting today — touch them and make them whole once again. Many lives lay shattered among broken dreams. That’s a frightening place to b

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Finding God’s Presence ~ A Blaring Alarm, A Cardinal’s Morning Song, and A Groan

Of course, the alarm sounded all bright and happy. I promptly reached over and shut it off. Rolling over, a cardinal’s morning song outside my window tried to tempt me towards praise, but it wasn’t happening. Not today. I groaned and pulled the covers over my head.

My heart was not happy.

My attitude was terrible.

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Finding God’s Presence ~ A Prayer When I’m Looking For My Treasure

Father, You are the treasure that I seek — my great reward — for You, Lord, are my all in all. You are my everything. You sustain me by Your grace and protect me by Your great power. You provide for me by Your mercy and love me always by Your faithfulness. Thank You. I love You with all that I am.

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Faith Notes: With God, Guinn Nexsen Finds Her Happy Place in a Deadly Diagnosis

Guinn Nexsen began her journey with cancer in October 2014 when she was given a deadly diagnosis of squamous cell carcinoma; she had no risk factors — was only 46 years old and had never smoked or indulged in alcohol. In January 2015, she had an 18 hour surgery to remove the floor of her mouth, most of her tongue, and create a tissue transplant from her back to replace the floor of her mouth.

And then the beast returned.

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Finding God’s Presence ~ When Praise Flows From a Jumbled Pile of Brokenness

I strolled along our country road needing a few moments alone with the Lord. You know … clear my mind, roll some burdens over on Him. I wanted to remind myself of His faithfulness. I needed to press in — let the praise flow once again.

I experienced a lot of brokenness over the past few years. Often I felt like a jumbled pile of brokenness left for dead. I know I am not alone. Many of my Christian brothers and sisters are facing desperate situations.

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Finding God’s Presence ~ Never Forget the Difficulty of the Climb. It’s Worth It After All

My son Matthew and I walked along the river’s edge. The dirt road meandered through the forest, green with spring’s new birth. This was one of Matthew’s favorite spots to hike — a favorite spot to climb the mountain.

We approached a large boulder laced with moss. It jutted out from the steep mountain slope where trees clung with strong roots in the face of mountain adversities. “Come on Momma. I want to show you the view from the top.”

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Finding God’s Presence ~ Grace Strengthens Where Life is Fractured

Lord, Your love satisfies a longing soul. It flows over and through the broken places of my heart bringing hope and restoration. Your grace strengthens where life is fractured and needs healing. Your mercy comforts and keeps my heart from growing cold. Thank You Lord. Thank You for Your unfailing love.

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Finding God’s Presence ~ How Dead Branches and Excess Baggage Tell the Redemption Story

Beneath the massive trees lay several broken, dead branches — victims of the storm from the day before. I stood and considered the carnage littering the ground. Did the branches grip the tree trunk defiantly when the storm winds blew? Did they fall away easily, fully complacent about their plight? Or were they caught of guard, oblivious to the approaching storm?

And even more important, did the beautiful evergreen sway in the rhythm of the wind, completely surrendered as the storm did its work to rid the tree of dead baggage that forbade new growth?

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Finding God’s Presence ~ Remembering With a River Rock

God has carried me through my wilderness places and now, in many ways, I stand on the edge of my Jordan — of my impossible. In my spirit I can see Him letting me down from His shoulders to stand in the rocky soil where the river laps. He’s not saying anything aloud, but His eyes — His eyes gaze into mine, searching, questioning, asking me if I will trust Him … trust Him here on the river’s edge.

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