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Finding God’s Presence ~ Where is God in the Flames of Affliction?

I struck the match and pressed its flame against the candle wick. Within moments, a globe of fire consumed the string and burned bright. I watched as the flame grew stronger, melting the aromatic candle.

The more melting occurred, the stronger the fragrance — the farther its reach as the aroma of Caramel Pecan permeated the room.

Closing my eyes, I leaned back and sat still, waiting on the Lord, for I knew He wanted to show me something.

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A Prayer to Stir Our Deepest Longing For Jesus

O God, You are my God. You are my Refuge, my Strong-Tower. You are the One on whom I depend because You are faithful and trustworthy. My heart feels battered, my spirit worn, but You are my strength — the One on whom I lean for support.

You tell us to come to You when we are weary and heavy-laden. That’s how I feel Lord — heavy-laden, carrying burdens that are not mine to carry.

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Finding God’s Presence ~ Respite From the Fears of Florence

Chatter is in a constant stream from radios and newscasters. Emergency-management press conferences continually come across the airwaves. Universities are sending students home. Schools are closing. Folks evacuating…

All because of a hurricane named Florence — a storm of biblical proportions.

It’s scary!

Florence spins like a monstrous chainsaw cutting a path through the Atlantic ocean dead-aimed at the coast of the Carolinas. She has no respect for life. No respect for property. And just like Harvey that hit Texas last year, her plans are to stall once she comes onshore, creating catastrophic flooding from the shore to our mountains.

It looks bad, folks.

But wait a minute … I’m a child of God.

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Finding God’s Presence ~ Shriveled Faith and Hope Restored

Her face, drawn and dim, spoke of the suffering that wracked her body. Shoulders bent over in defeat. Eyes, familiar with the sparkle of life, glazed over — the light snuffed out. Tears trickled down cheeks that once knew the rosy blush of powder and rouge, now pale from pain.

“I can’t do this anymore,” she said. “Please don’t pray for me. There is no point. God doesn’t care. If He cared He would have taken this suffering away by now. He would have stopped me from having the surgery.”

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A Prayer When It Takes All You’ve Got to Cast Your Care on Him

Lord, Your goodness and grace sustain me. Your faithfulness undergirds me and fills me with the courage to face each day — peace to rise above what this world throws my way.

Teach me to really cast my cares on You because they are too great for me to carry.

Through Your Word, remind me who You are: my Way-Maker, Miracle-Worker, my Provider, and Protector. You are my Peace, my Strong-Tower, my Refuge, and Redeemer. You are my God and You are for me, not against me.

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Finding God’s Presence ~ When Strong Headwinds Cause Us to Struggle

The sun lowered itself across the Sea of Galilee, filling the sky with ribbons of tangerine. Jesus sat on a large boulder high upon the mountain with its gentle slope ending on the water’s edge. Dust from the arid landscape kicked up from time to time and swirled at his feet.

Far below Him, the disciples rowed their boat across the sea. Their destination? Bethsaida. Jesus would join them later.

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A Prayer For the Grace of God When We Need It

Lord, You amaze me with Your love and Your longsuffering. I don’t know how You do it, Lord — how You are so patient with us in our sanctification process. I guess that’s what makes You God, and not me. Thank goodness!

You’re teaching me a lot about Your grace and, though the lessons are hard, I’m thankful that I’m learning.

And I’m thankful that very slowly I am changing, evolving into Your likeness.

I’m thankful that You are molding me into a vessel for Your honor and Your glory.

Without the grace of God, none of these things would be possible.

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Finding God’s Presence ~ There is No Shadow of Turning With the Father of Lights

Sunlight blazed from the summer sky filling the earth with heaven’s light. Blue and I walked along our country road — Blue sniffing out critters, me whispering prayers and finding refuge beneath my Father’s wing.

The Spirit of God made His Presence known all about me as the gentle breeze whispered through the pines. The Father of Lights cast exquisite sunbeams filtering through the canopy of interlocked pine, oak, and elm. Birds called from the treetops. White-tail deer sprinted from the creek into the forest’s safety.

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A Prayer When You Want to Recognize God’s Voice

Lord, I am amazed that You — the Maker of heaven and earth and all that dwells within — that YOU know me by my name! How can that be? And yet, I know it to be true. I have heard Your delicate whisper deep within my soul whispering, “Nan … Nan, come to Me.”

Yes, my spirit has recognized Your still, small voice.

What joy fills my soul when I consider this Truth.

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Finding God’s Presence ~ The Soulful Melody of a Babbling Brook

In the shade of an old chestnut tree the brook babbled with a soulful melody. Cascading across mountain stones, notes of endurance sang out a song of peace. The water seemed alive with perseverance and strength — tenacity — as it carried a timeless breath of life across the mountain hollar.

I thought of the Lord as I sat on the carpet of moss along the brook’s edge.

I thought of His Living Water that flows within us, satisfying our soulful thirst that only the Lord can quench.

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