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He Will Find Us in the Middle of Our Darkest Night

Out from hidden recesses of my heart — those wounds from my darkest night — tears flowed. Totally unexpected.

My daily walk offers a wonderful time to spend with Jesus, walking, singing, talking. This particular day, leaves crunched to the rhythm of my steps while an October blue sky sheltered me from above.

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A Prayer When You Need to be Carried by Him Awhile

Bless You, O Lord, for You are the Almighty God, worthy of all praise. Your faithfulness is great, Your love beyond comprehension.

You go before me where there seems to be no way. You lead me in paths of righteousness for Your Name’s sake. I know You are my joy, my peace, my strength.

But some days I am just too tired to keep trudging through this … this wilderness.

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Leap With Abandon and Rise Into His Arms

I thought about the eagle this morning, but with the idea of abandon.

I thought about how she rises to her highest perch when the storm winds begin to blow. She rises to wait. Prepare. And watch from her loftiest of places. As the storm gets closer, the eagle locks her wings in place, ready to catch the turbulence of the wind as it roars past.

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A Prayer of Longing to Stand in Awe of Him Once Again

Lord, You are good — so good. I am in awe of Your grace, Your holiness. Thank You for Your tender watchcare. Thank You for using my difficult places to give me the treasure and richness of who You are, for truly You are my treasure — my great reward.

But some days I forget that.

Some days I forget the wonder of who You are — those days when trouble washes over me like a mighty wave and my vision is blurred by salty tears.

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A Prayer When Our Path Leads Through Gethsemane

Lord, You alone are worthy of praise for You are good. You are faithful, and True. On You I can depend.

Your goodness is constant. Even when my circumstances lead me through Gethsemane, Your goodness still stands.

I can’t rely on my feelings — and I don’t want to — but doggone it, my emotions run so …

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The Morning Star Rises in Our Hearts and Breaks the Dawn

The inky jet of night blanketed the earth in deafening silence. Stillness. Thoroughness. A billion stars scattered tiny points of light high above me. But the complete darkness outside my window remained — heaven’s light was out of view.

Much like my own inward light.

The darkness reflected my thoughts — thoughts of discouragement. Depression. Where was my light of joy and peace?

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