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A Prayer When Seeking Light in the Shadows of Suffering

Lord, my soul longs for Your touch, for Your presence — Your light in my shadows of suffering.

You are well acquainted with suffering and for that I am thankful. I’m thankful because You understand my heart. My suffering pales in comparison to others, and yet my spirit is troubled and I lack peace.

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A Prayer for God Holding Me Close Like He Promised

Lord, Your tender watch-care brings me such comfort and security. I am safe in Your arms. Thank You for holding me close.

Thank You for teaching me to recognize Your presence and to rely on Your promises. For in Your promises You assure me You will be near — You will be holding me close in my time of struggle.

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A Prayer to Hear the Powerful, Yet Tranquil Voice of God

Lord, You are Almighty God — our Father. You are powerful, yet gentle, fully in control of our lives and what comes our way.

Teach us of Your Sovereignty. You are not a puppet that we should tell You what to do. You are the Maker of heaven and earth! You tell the oceans how far to come, the sun when to bring forth the dawn.

You are everything to me.

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