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A Prayer When You Need to Hear God’s Gentle Whisper

Lord, I hear You whisper to me, calling me out of the deep darkness of my thoughts — fearful thoughts, thoughts of uncertainty. Thank You for loving me enough to draw me into the embrace of Your Spirit where I find comfort and rest.

You are my sure place in this crazy world — my anchor in the storm. You command the treacherous waves and perilous winds to cease and they obey Your voice. I’m so grateful. Thank You for teaching me to listen for Your whisper and then to follow it to the safe place beneath Your wing.

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A Prayer When You Need a Song in the Night

Lord, I hear a bird singing outside my window and I am reminded of the song you have placed in my heart — a song of praise, a song of joy even though difficult situations are all around me. That’s a miracle Lord, and I praise You for it.

Your joy completes me.

Your joy releases the flow of Living Water that brings renewed hope to the broken places and life to places that once were dead.

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A Prayer When You Need to Stand on God’s Promises

Lord, You amaze me with Your goodness and grace that abounds to us always — Your promises for every aspect of our lives. You are ever-present, ever-merciful, and kind. Your eyes roam to and fro across the earth seeking those who love You who need to be encouraged. I cannot fully comprehend that kind of love and care from an Almighty God.

And yet it’s true.

Your promises are true.

Thank You for teaching me to stand on Your promises, to trust You to take care of all that concerns me. You really are the keeper of our souls. Awaken our hearts to take hold of that Truth — You keep us in Your care.

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A Prayer to Journey With God No Matter What

Lord, take my hand and lead me on to the mountaintop of my God. The journey is difficult with jagged precipices and rock-strewn paths. I trip easily and lose my footing but then, from bended knee bruised from the fall, I look up and see Your lovely face and all is well.

Thank You for holding my hand as we travel together. Thank You for being near.

Lead me beside still waters where I can rest and be refreshed. Help me find the green pastures where I can lay down like a child at play and cease my striving.

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A Prayer When Needing to Pray With Expectation

Lord, You are the Giver of all things — You are my Provider, Protector, Peace, and Hope. You are my joy, my Beloved. You teach us to pray believing — expecting Your response. Help us our unbelief.

I love knowing that You respond to our prayer even as it escapes our lips. Help us get that in our knowers — to expect Your response — to wait for it, look for it, hope for it. And then teach us to recognize and accept Your response when we see it, even if it doesn’t look the way we thought it should.

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A Prayer When I Need God to Breathe on Me

Lord, I love You. I have wrestled so much this week. Thank You for being my anchor. Thank You for being my peace.

I think of Your disciples on the day You died. They knew what they believed to the best they could understand, but then You died. Their confusion must have been horrific. Unlike us, they had not experienced faith yet — believing those things not seen as though they were — so they must have been confused.

But Lord, You are not a god of confusion — You are a God of peace! And You gave them Your blessing of peace that day. Just like You give to us. Thank You.

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A Prayer When You Need God to Strengthen You

Father, Your Word speaks to me in so many ways, especially this verse. I believe You are telling me to strengthen MY hands which hang down because of fatigue and anxiety, and my feeble knees which do not kneel as often as they should. You want me to do this so that I might, in turn, strengthen those around me.

When my arms hang down, remind me to lift them up in worship, to stretch them toward heaven — open hands, willing hands — ready to receive from You. When my knees hurt and I don’t want to kneel to pray, remind me to find a pillow to kneel on and to take Your hand as You help me lower myself and then stand once again. Your grace will cover my discomfort!

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A Prayer to Remind Us Who God Is When We Can’t Find Joy

Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty, Who was and is and is to come! Praise flows my heart and lips for You, O Lord. You are so incredibly wonderful to Your children — so faithful and kind.

I depend on You Lord. You are my anchor. My sure place. You are the ruler of my heart. Thank You for the price You paid that I may know You. Father, thank You for the sacrifice You gave for us — for a world that didn’t deserve it. I can only imagine how difficult it was for You to watch Jesus suffer and die. But I thank You from the bottom of my heart because I am a life that was changed by Your love.

Help each of us find #joy in the midst of difficult circumstances.

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A Prayer to Step Out Into the Deep Water

Lord, I know You are calling me to step out into the deep water. That is my desire too. But my heart and flesh fail me — I am overcome often by fatigue and anxiety. You, Lord, are the strength of my heart and my portion forever. It is You, Lord.

I can’t do this alone … in my own strength. I ask that You pour over me a fresh anointing of power, passion, talent, ability, and joy. Grant me the wings of eagles to rise above and soar into the heights of heaven. Train my focus on You.

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A Prayer When God’s Goodness Needs to Be Found

Lord, You know what? I would have lost heart unless I had believed that I would see Your goodness. I knew I would! I knew because You are goodness wrapped in a holy love we cannot comprehend.

Yes, You are good. You are faithful and I thank You for that Lord.

It’s hard to wait patiently for Your goodness when we are in the throes of difficulties. But You are teaching me to wait and to rest in the knowledge that You have never failed me and never will.

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