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Finding God’s Presence ~ A Prayer for Strength to Keep My Hand to the Plow

I want my heart to be steadfast Lord, and not tossed about by circumstances. I want my hand to hold steady to the plow, moving forward with eyes focused on You, plowing the fields, planting the seeds, and reaping the harvest for Your glory. I have work to do — Your work — and don’t want to let You down. I want to glorify You with my life.

But Lord, I need Your help. I must go forward in Your strength, and not my own, for the burdens are too great to carry.

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Finding God’s Presence ~ A Prayer When the World Becomes Chaotic

Lord, You are awesome and worthy of our praise! You are constant — never changing — in the midst of what seems chaotic. Things certainly feel chaotic, shaken — hurricanes, earthquakes, fires, wars and rumors of war. It’s frightening Lord. But then I think of You and find peace because nothing takes You by surprise and You go before us.

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Finding God’s Presence ~ A Prayer When You Could Use a Smile

Lord, Your love surrounds me. I love this remarkable truth. Thank You. Your abiding presence makes my heart smile. Even when I feel distressed, I can smile at the thought of being completely and securely surrounded by Your love.

Some days the burdens are great and fear pounds at the door, but then I think of Your great love and I find peace again.

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Finding God’s Presence ~ A Prayer to Find God’s Steadfast Love While in Harm’s Way

Thank You Lord, for Your abiding Presence … Abiding. Steadfast. Even though circumstances may change, You don’t. You remain.

We call upon Your name as the waters of destruction rise around us — figuratively and physically. Floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, and fires pummel the earth. Many of Your children are in harm’s way, yet we hold fast to Your Truth — the Truth of Your abiding Presence, Your Truth of salvation when we call upon Your Name.

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Finding God’s Presence ~ A Prayer to Learn Trust With Abandon

Lord, You complete me — You make me whole. You teach me to trust You. Your Living Water seeps through the broken places sealing the crevices with Your love. You are teaching me that as I bring You my adoration, You return to me Your strength and power to accomplish Your purposes in me. Thank You Lord. You renew my vision and awaken my heart.

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Finding God’s Presence ~ A Prayer for Peace When Clinging Desperately to the Cross

Lord, You are God of the whole earth, the Holy One of Israel. You have provided for us a covenant of peace — perpetual. Never-ending. Never-waivering. Always available for Your child.

Thank You for Your perfect peace that manifests so beautifully in the midst of life’s perfect storms — those times we cling desperately to the Cross. Unemployment. Broken relationships. Prodigal children. Terminal illness. Tragedies. Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but You have promised to deliver us out of them all.

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Finding God’s Presence ~ A Prayer to Quench Your Thirst

Great are You, Lord — Your faithfulness, Your mercy, Your grace. They are new every morning, provided by Your hand to meet my needs throughout the day. You have taught me to gather these things of grace every morning. Like manna in the wilderness, Your grace sustains me. Your Living Water quenches my thirst.

But I must seek You first, be still and know, and receive the gifts from Your hand.

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Finding God’s Presence ~ A Prayer to Know the Fullness of God’s Love

How great is Your Love! It reaches to the highest heavens and it flows like a giant waterfall into the lowest valleys of our hearts. We cannot grasp its height, or width, or depth, but I want to Lord. I want to know the fullness of Your love. Thank You for giving me a glimpse. Even a glimpse is almost too glorious to fathom.

I ask that You touch those who are hurting today — touch them and make them whole once again. Many lives lay shattered among broken dreams. That’s a frightening place to b

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Finding God’s Presence ~ A Prayer When I’m Looking For My Treasure

Father, You are the treasure that I seek — my great reward — for You, Lord, are my all in all. You are my everything. You sustain me by Your grace and protect me by Your great power. You provide for me by Your mercy and love me always by Your faithfulness. Thank You. I love You with all that I am.

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Finding God’s Presence ~ A Prayer When You’re Clinging to The Cross

Thank You for Your abiding presence. I don’t know what I would do without You, Lord. When I am overwhelmed, I find myself clinging to You. When I am afraid, I run to You and find safety. When I have no peace, I remember that You Yourself, are my peace, and You open my eyes to see You.

I know many who are afflicted — who are clinging desperately to the Cross …

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