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A Prayer to Stir Our Deepest Longing For Jesus

O God, You are my God. You are my Refuge, my Strong-Tower. You are the One on whom I depend because You are faithful and trustworthy. My heart feels battered, my spirit worn, but You are my strength — the One on whom I lean for support.

You tell us to come to You when we are weary and heavy-laden. That’s how I feel Lord — heavy-laden, carrying burdens that are not mine to carry.

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A Prayer When It Takes All You’ve Got to Cast Your Care on Him

Lord, Your goodness and grace sustain me. Your faithfulness undergirds me and fills me with the courage to face each day — peace to rise above what this world throws my way.

Teach me to really cast my cares on You because they are too great for me to carry.

Through Your Word, remind me who You are: my Way-Maker, Miracle-Worker, my Provider, and Protector. You are my Peace, my Strong-Tower, my Refuge, and Redeemer. You are my God and You are for me, not against me.

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A Prayer For the Grace of God When We Need It

Lord, You amaze me with Your love and Your longsuffering. I don’t know how You do it, Lord — how You are so patient with us in our sanctification process. I guess that’s what makes You God, and not me. Thank goodness!

You’re teaching me a lot about Your grace and, though the lessons are hard, I’m thankful that I’m learning.

And I’m thankful that very slowly I am changing, evolving into Your likeness.

I’m thankful that You are molding me into a vessel for Your honor and Your glory.

Without the grace of God, none of these things would be possible.

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A Prayer When You Want to Recognize God’s Voice

Lord, I am amazed that You — the Maker of heaven and earth and all that dwells within — that YOU know me by my name! How can that be? And yet, I know it to be true. I have heard Your delicate whisper deep within my soul whispering, “Nan … Nan, come to Me.”

Yes, my spirit has recognized Your still, small voice.

What joy fills my soul when I consider this Truth.

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A Prayer When You Want to Climb Out of the Pit

Lord, thank You for hearing us when we cry out to You. Your mercy is great; Your love amazing. We praise You Lord for You alone are worthy of our praise. You are a great God. Thank You for calling us Your own.

Each day comes with its own challenges and sometimes the challenges come to us like rapid fire. And sometimes we don’t dodge quick enough and we get hit, knocked to our knees, face in the sand.

And we don’t like it.

In fact, we get tired in the fight.

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A Prayer When You Don’t Know Which Way to Go

Lord, You are my way, my truth, my life. You Are.

The closer I walk with You, the easier I find my way because my eyes are opened to see You leading, my heart is awakened to recognize You, and my ears are opened to hear You saying, “This is the way, walk in it.” Thank You, Lord

You make it sound so simple in Your instruction, and I suppose it is, but for us it gets muddy and complicated quite easily!

Why is that Lord?

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A Prayer When You Need Your Redeemer God

Lord, You are who You say You are. You do what You say You will do. How thankful I am that I can press in and depend upon these truths.

That knowledge calms me and gives me peace.

That knowledge takes my restless thoughts and quenches my fear.

Thank You Lord.

I love how You are teaching me that, not only are You my Savior, but You are my Redeemer God. I’ve known that for awhile, but now I’m beginning to get it in my knower. You truly do redeem all that is lost as we yield ourselves to Your authority — not just our souls … but our thoughts, our hearts, and our wills.

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A Prayer When the Load is Heavy and You Need a Lifter of Your Head

Lord, You are my Helper. My Keeper. My Waymaker. You are with me wherever I go and for that I am grateful. I have no need of fear of the unknown because my tomorrows are held in Your hand. I humbly give my tomorrows to You because the burden is too great to carry.

I will be strong and courageous because You are with me.

I will be sure-footed because You direct my path.

And on those days my confidence and courage slip — those days when doubt messes with my head — on those days I will look to You. I will trust You to undergird me and lift up my head to behold my miracle.

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A Prayer to Find God in the Desert Place

Lord, Your ways are not our ways, but Your ways cause me to marvel. I marvel because as I watch and wait and wonder, You fulfill Your Word, especially in the desert places of my life. Why should I doubt? You always do what You say You will do!

You promised us streams in the desert, water in the wilderness. When we are parched and desperate for hope You, according to Your Word, often lead us into the desert where we finally reach the end of ourselves and will yield our hearts and ear to You.

Oh, how great is Your love!

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A Prayer When You’re Facing Giants in Your Land

Lord, You are the God who lifts my head when I am down, who strengthens me when I am weak. You are the Keeper of my soul. I am so grateful.

There are giants in my land that threaten to consume me — to distract me from the work You have given me to do. But I know that You are greater than he that is in the world and nothing You have spoken over me will return to You void. You will complete those things You have begun in me — giants, or no giants.

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