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Finding God’s Presence ~ A Prayer to Grasp the Name of Jesus

Lord, You amaze me. When I cry out to You, You hear me. When I seek You, I find You. When I sit still and listen — really listen for your delicate whisper — I hear You and You remind me that You are God. I can’t understand it all — these things of faith, but I know beyond any shadow of doubt that they are true just like You. You are Faithful and True. You are the embodiment of Truth and we can rely upon Your Word. Bless You Lord. Bless Your Holy Name — the Name above all Names.

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Finding God’s Presence ~ When God’s Life-Light Blazes Out of The Darkness

I heard a noise — a rustling — along the forest’s edge. Turning to my right, I saw a squirrel scamper up the old oak tree, cheeks bulging with goodies found on the forest floor. I stood still and watched for a moment and then my gaze drifted to what the Lord wanted me to see all along …

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Finding God’s Presence ~ When Words Fly From an Unguarded Tongue

I was SO upset. Words flew from my unguarded tongue like poisonous arrows from a bow. Was I justified? Yes! Was I being taken advantage of? Yes. Did my manner of handling this problem exemplify the Lord? No. And neither did it magnify His Name.

I left the mechanic with a dirty heart. I was very glad I had been assertive and stood my ground about the wrong-doing — we are not called to be doormats. But we are called to be like Jesus…

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Faith Notes~ Shadia Hrichi: The God Who Sees Me

On Faith Notes today, Shadia Hrichi shares a powerful testimony of God’s redemptive love:

You and I live in a broken world. A world in which each of us, at one time or another, will experience some form of suffering. Some caused by others; some due to our own poor choices.

I suppose the first major heartbreak in my life happened when I was twelve years old and my parents divorced. Looking back, I realize that soon after my father left home, I began looking for love in all the wrong faces.

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Faith Notes ~ Sandi Miller: Where is God When Your Childhood … Just … Isn’t?

Sandi Miller — what a mighty woman of God! The Lord has taken her life from a barren desert to overflowing streams that create an oasis for other hurting women. She amazes me and I know that I know her Redemption story will touch you deep in your soul. Please share this with any woman you know who has suffered the devastation of childhood sexual abuse and the broken heart, guilt, and shame of abortion. Sandi wants others to know the Father’s forgiveness and, together, we ask the Lord to help set the captives free.

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Where is God When There Seems to be No Way? SUNDAY GLIMPSES

I lift up those who are bent by the weight of their burdens. Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but You promise to deliver us out of them all. Stir that truth into the hearts of Your children who are fearful or heavy-laden, or consumed with worry. Almighty God, You are faithful to make a way where there seems to be no way.

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I Was Looking for God But I Could Not See

Are you weary? Do you long for peace, for deep satisfaction within your soul? Perhaps there is a yearning you can’t describe — an emptiness that calls out to you from day to day. The emptiness is a God-shaped vessel in your heart prepared perfectly for the Spirit of God who desires to dwell within you. His liquid love flows upon the Living Water seeping into the empty place, carrying nuggets of peace and brimming with grace.

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Where is God? Sunday Glimpses

Father, You are like a long drink of cool water on this hot, sultry summer day. You satisfy us with Your love. You care for us with Your mercy, and You sustain us with Your grace. Thank You Lord. Thank You for Your faithfulness.

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