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Finding God’s Presence ~ When Tiny Black Globes Stare Directly Into Mine

It’s said that the eyes are the window to our souls, and though I could not see into his eyes, I had the overwhelming feeling that those tiny black globes were staring directly into mine. Searching. Questioning.

He just hovered there, bobbing up and down, left and right. I gripped my coffee cup and dared not move lest the hummingbird became frightened and darted away from the window. #FindingGodsPresence

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Finding God’s Presence ~ A Prayer When You’re Clinging to The Cross

Thank You for Your abiding presence. I don’t know what I would do without You, Lord. When I am overwhelmed, I find myself clinging to You. When I am afraid, I run to You and find safety. When I have no peace, I remember that You Yourself, are my peace, and You open my eyes to see You.

I know many who are afflicted — who are clinging desperately to the Cross …

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Faith Notes ~ The Heartache of Alzheimer’s

Today’s guest on Faith Notes is a fellow Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas author, Sandra Merville Hart. Sandra is a walking trove of historical facts which comes in handy as she writes award-winning historical fiction. She even offers historical recipes on her website at┬á How fun is that!

Sandra shares about the heartache and helplessness that occurs when a parent has Alzheimer’s. I know many who have suffered this same desperation. I pray that you will find hope, understanding, and encouragement from the words of Sandra’s heart.

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Finding God’s Presence ~ Hope Reflected. Healing Reminded.

The preacher spoke of her act of worship, her gesture of humility. He spoke of her offering to the One she loved — how she fell at His feet much like we fall at the foot of the cross to receive His mercy and grace. As the preacher spoke, I felt my spirit stirring within me. The Lord beckoned me to the altar to give Him that which is of utmost worth to me — my broken heart.

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Finding God’s Presence ~ A Prayer to See and Know His Glory

Lord, I give You praise, for You alone are worthy of all praise. The heavens and earth declare Your glory — and so do I. You are magnificent. Wonderful. And holy. And still we can come before You boldly to receive mercy and grace in our time of need. We can run to You as a child runs to her father, leaping into his strong arms for safety, comfort or to share a giggle.

How incredible that is!

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Faith Notes~ Deborah Clack. When Chronic Illness Opened My Eyes to See

I have the joy of introducing my new friend, Deborah Clack. We’ve never met in person (in fact, we just met on Twitter a few weeks ago) but I feel like I already know her and I think you’ll feel the same. She is precious. Like me, Deborah suffers from a chronic illness, but because she is so special, even the doctors can’t figure her’s out! But during her darkness moments — those moments that torment and twist our faith into a knot — she has found God’s faithfulness. It’s an honor to feature Deborah on Faith Notes.

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Finding God’s Presence ~ Even When I Don’t Want To

Shadows laced together like interlocking fingers carpeting the trail beneath my feet. Blue chicory mingled with fuchsia-painted sweet pea among the boulders heralding my hike. A cool breeze rubbed against my neck stiff with tension and whispered for me to look up to the sky wrought with glory.

But I didn’t want to.

I wanted to stay buried in my thoughts and yield to my enemy rather than look to my Savior.

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Finding God’s Presence ~ A Prayer When You Need Light in Your Darkness

Lord, You are the light in my darkness, my constant refuge who changes not — I love to sing Your praises and tell of Your faithfulness. I ask that You keep my footsteps within Your beacon of light as I take each step into my tomorrows. Open my ears to hear Your voice clearly. I’m trusting You to make the crooked places straight again, the broken places whole.

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Finding God’s Presence ~ When the Child of God Feels Trapped in The Enemy’s Clutch

In front of them, water ebbed and flowed as a menacing threat to their safety and freedom. Pharaoh and his army approached from the rear. The children of God were trapped and had one of three options: surrender, fight, or trust God.

The feelings of entrapment can be overwhelming. Frightening. Merciless.

But we belong to a merciful God who sees us and knows all about it — a God who loves us fiercely.

A God who will stand between us and our enemy.

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Finding God’s Presence ~ Listen to The Silence of The Morning Glory

Sunlight glistened in drops of dew as the morning glory awakened to the dawn. Night had transitioned to day as she waited to herald her Creator. Even though the night poured ebony ink across the meadow where she rested, God’s promise of a new day stirred within her. She waited in silence, petals closed like a shield against the chill of darkness, waiting for God’s glory to paint the sky.

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