A warm welcome to you! Thank you for stopping by. As you read through my pages, I believe you will find that I am just like you—a woman who loves the Lord and cherishes His grace. And, like you, I sometimes grow weary from the journey. I have experienced many difficult places in my life—a brother’s suicide, my mom’s young death, cancer, a prodigal child, extensive unemployment. There have been times when I thought I couldn’t go on. But, God…don’t you love that? But God carried me through and opened my eyes to see Him in my midst. He opened my ears to hear His sweet whispers of love.

Take hope in the knowledge that you are cherished by the One who made you—you are sheltered in the shadow of His wing, close to His heart. It is my prayer that as we get to know one another you, too, will see beyond the veil and will learn to say, “Even so, I walk in the Presence of the Lord”

With joy,

Finding God’s Presence ~ When You’re Looking For The Dawn

Is life coming at you hard with blinding rain and dizzying wind? Are you clinging to the cross determined to keep your eyes focused on the One who loves you, but struggling just the same? Dear friend, you are not alone.

Not only are many other children of God facing their own storms, Jesus is with us through every. single. moment. He is faithful to make intercession on our behalf to the Lord. He is our hiding place from the wind, a cover from the tempest. When we are parched with weariness, He is as rivers of water to quench our thirst.

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Finding God ~ A Prayer to Know God’s Abiding Presence

Lord, You are so awesome. Thank You for teaching me about Your abiding presence. What comfort I find knowing that You are with me always.

I listen for Your voice in the thunder that I might remember Your power. I listen for Your sweet whisper as the gentle breeze brushes through the pines. The clouds are the dust of Your feet and I imagine You drawing near me when I need Your strength.

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Finding God’s Presence ~ A Battle in The Sky

… To my left, coming from the forest line across the river, an aerial battle ensued. A bird the size of a sparrow chased a huge raven. Like a fighter pilot she dive-bombed her enemy, flew circles around him and swooped down across his back. Her enemy was clearly on the run.

Nan, that’s how I want you to handle your enemy. Be fierce. Courageous. Don’t bow to him. Resist him in My Name and you will find victory. Don’t be afraid because I am with you and don’t give in to the weariness Satan wants to overwhelm you. I AM your strength …

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Finding God’s Presence ~ A Cap and A Nail

For as long as I could remember, that nail had been there and for as long as I could remember, Dad’s cap hung there as well.

A nail in a sure place.

The Lord is like this — a nail in a sure place, a place we can hang our hat, so to speak. We can depend on Him to be there always. We can trust in His capable hands. His covenant love binds us to Him from everlasting to everlasting.

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Finding God’s Presence ~ A Prayer When You Need to Praise Him in The Storm

Bless the Lord, O my soul! And all that is within me, bless Your holy Name! I choose to praise You in the storm, for You are so good. You are full of wonder and might. You light up our darkness with the glory of Your Presence, ever faithful, ever true. I’m thankful You are my Abba Father and I am a Daddy’s girl. You amaze me Lord.

Thank You for being my sure place to which I can cling so that when the waters wash over me, I will not drown. When the fire kindles upon me, I will not be burned. Yes Lord, You are my sure place and I give You praise.

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Finding God’s Presence ~ A Prayer to Be Held by The All-Sufficient God

O Lord, You are the All-Sufficient God. No matter my need, You are able and, in Your mercy, You come to my aid when I cry out to You. You hold me as Your child, bringing comfort and security in my time of need. You are a good Father who knows the road we travel — the trials, the heartache, our joys and our victories…

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Finding God’s Presence ~ Darkness Faded Into His Consuming Fire

Amber flames — cloud wisps in the morning sky — cast a golden hue upon the earth. Like the consuming fire of our God, the sky was ablaze with His glory. Darkness faded, consumed by the light.

My darkness is fading, consumed by the Light. His light. The Dayspring from on high — the Sun of Righteousness — has visited me. In His tender mercies He has shone His light into the darkened corners of my heart, restoring the broken places, resurrecting where the death of dreams left its sting.

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Finding God’s Presence ~ A Prayer to Know His Resurrection Power

Thank You for Your resurrection power that You imparted to us. This is beyond comprehension. Please cause the blinders to fall from our eyes so that we might see Truth — this Truth — that the same power that raised You from the dead dwells in us because of Your sweet Holy Spirit. You have made a way for us to rise from the ruins. Within us is Your power to be transformed from glory to glory into Your likeness. We can experience the resurrection power of forgiveness that breaks the chains keeping us bound.

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