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A Whirlwind Prompts the Omnipotent God to Speak

It feels like a whirlwind, doesn’t it? Every day is wrought with chaos, confusion, and despair. Every day is rife with hopelessness. Dim, empty eyes stare beyond the masks in their search for peace.

I grabbed my jacket and took off for a much needed walk. The periwinkle sky of November illuminated the remaining red and yellow leaves of fall. Sunshine bathed me in warmth as I labored up the hill to the white clapboard church where a bench awaited me.

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Finding God’s Presence ~ Can We Really Soar on the Wings of An Eagle?

I’ve only seen an eagle in the wild once.

A stiff wind pushed across the mountain ridge — trees bowing in submission to its force. The day shone gloriously bright and there high above me, soaring against the periwinkle sky was an eagle. Its majesty took my breath away. My jaw dropped and I tilted my head backwards so I could watch this messenger from heaven glide on the wings of the wind.

As I watched him rise up toward the sun, I thought about how the Lord had given me similar wings to rise up close to Him, just as He promised…

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