As a shadow, goodness and mercy go with us each step

Stopping to watch a butterfly dance through a patch of daisies alongside the country road, the toddler released her momma’s hand, turned, and noticed movement behind her. Every move she made was replicated — dark images against the gray gravel. Her shadow!

Following every move.

Sheer Bliss Filled the Air as She Realized the Shadow’s Imitation

Squeals of delight filled the air. She lifted her chubby little legs, then dropped them back down. Up and down. Sideways. Round and round she danced. Lots of giggles accompanied every move — sheer bliss as she realized the shadow’s imitation.

Oh, to be a child once again!

To delight in the simple things of life.

goodness and mercy follow me like a shadow

To marvel at the handiwork of our God.

To realize His unfailing, steadfast love follows us as a shadow with every step we take.

I Want to Truly Know God

I want to know the Lord like this — to delight in the simple graces of life, to marvel at His handiwork, to be a child holding my Father’s hand on daily walks.

The Apostle Paul knew the Lord this way.

Philippians 3:8 reads, “Yet indeed I also count all things loss for the excellence of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord, for whom I have suffered the loss of all things, and count them as rubbish, that I may gain Christ.”

Paul was found IN Christ.

I want to walk as a child holding her Father's hand

This became Paul’s primary pursuit in life — to know Him.

“Paul’s desire to know Christ sprang from no other motive but to enjoy Him. He wanted Christ for Christ’s sake, not his own. He was a lover of God, not a user of God. And whether he moved in Christ’s resurrection power or was strengthened to his last ounce of endurance, it mattered little. For Paul, it was all a part of the most fulfilling journey of all; truly knowing God” (Spirit Filled Life Bible, Thomas Nelson Publishers, 2002, p. 1664).

I want my primary pursuit in life to be the same — to know Him … really know Him. I want to know the sheer bliss of recognizing goodness and mercy — the unfailing, steadfast covenant love of God — following every move I make just like a shadow. Always.

I cherish the shadow of God’s unfailing, steadfast love that goes with me

Oh the rewards of knowing the One who loves us — of loving Him with our whole hearts, minds, and strength.

The joy!

The sheer bliss like a toddler discovering her shadow for the first time.



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