“I remember it all – oh, how well I remember – the feeling of hitting the bottom. But there’s one other thing I remember, and remembering, I keep a grip on hope: GOD’s loyal love couldn’t have run out, His merciful love couldn’t have dried up. They’re new every morning. How great is your faithfulness! I’m sticking with GOD (I say it over and over). He’s all I’ve got left.”
(Lamentations 3: 19-24, The Message)

I don’t typically begin by quoting a Scripture from The Message, but this was just too good to pass up. I love the imagery portrayed in this translation and I thought it would be the most useful in giving you encouragement and hope today.

Jeremiah is speaking.
He is extremely discouraged about Israel’s rebellion towards God.
Ever feel that way? About your own rebellion towards God?
I certainly have.

Many times I have wandered out from beneath the shadow of His wing because I chose to slosh around in a pool of sorrow and frustration. Wandering alone I quickly became discouraged and overwhelmed. But, through the tears, I could make out a blurred image of my Heavenly Father watching over me, I could hear Him affectionately calling my name.

And because of this, I was able to “keep a grip on hope.”

Hope. Yachal (yah-chal). This is the Hebrew way of saying that waiting and hoping in the Lord is to “steadfastly expect His mercy, His salvation, and His rescue, and while waiting, not take matters into one’s own hand” (commentary, Spirit Filled Life Bible).

Jeremiah remembered the steadfast love of the Lord. He remembered God’s mercies, His faithfulness. Jeremiah knew, by experience, that these attributes of God’s grace were new every morning. This remembrance enabled him to keep a grip on hope.

The Good News Bible reads, “The Lord’s unfailing love and mercy still continue, fresh as the morning, as sure as the sunrise.”

As sure as the sunrise.

Did you feel your heart skip a beat?

Father, What would we do without Your mercy and Your love? For sure, we would have been consumed by now. But because of Your faithfulness to Your children we can grip hope. We can wait expectantly for Your intervention. You are wonderful, Lord. Forgive our stubborn ways. Cleanse us of all unrighteousness, of all pride that causes us to try to handle life in our own strength. We love you, Father, and we stand in awe of Your goodness.