Author: Nan Jones

This I Recall, Lord, Therefore I Have Hope

Lord, Your steadfast love never ceases to amaze me. Even on the messiest, hardest days, You remain, therefore I have hope. Great is Your faithfulness to me.

When I sit still long enough to consider Your presence in my life, I remember how time and time again You made a way for me, or how You comforted me with heartfelt love …

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I Need a Hug, Lord. Hide Me Beneath Your Wing

Lord, I know and I believe You are God of the mountain and God of the valleys — God of the good times and God of the hard times. Because You are sovereign Lord. Eternal. All-knowing and all-present.

I seem to be in a valley, where the winds of trial howl and the shadows fall easily. I need a hug, Lord — tangible evidence of Your presence. Hide me beneath the shadow of Your wings until these calamities pass me by.

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Give Thanks, Even If Circumstances Say Otherwise

I am so very thankful for each of you, my readers. I want you to know that you are the Beloved of God, the apple of His eye … His special treasure. Even if circumstances say otherwise, give thanks for who He is. Trust His heart. Allow Him to gently lift your chin and tilt your head so that you might look up and behold His glory.

In the light of His presence, the darkness must flee.

In the light of His presence, our difficult places grow smaller because of His greatness.

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The Cross Precedes the Crown. Must I Carry It, Lord?

Lord, You are high and lifted up! You are Lord of all, worthy of all praise. Before the crown, You endured the Cross — before the resurrection, there must be the crucifixion.

Even for us, Your children.

You tell us to pick up the Cross and follow You, that in the sufferings of Christ we will find You. Some days, I don’t think I’m strong enough. Must I carry it, Lord?

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The Purpose of Transition and the Hush of Glory

Autumn reds have transformed into deepest burgundy velvet; lemon yellows now reflect burnished gold. Stark branches stretch towards the heavens and yield to the purpose of transition from fall into winter, acknowledging the hands of their Creator, the Lord our God.

I picked up my steps as I rounded the curve along our county road. A strong north wind watered my eyes and blushed my cheeks. But my thoughts turned towards Jesus and His unfailing love, especially His mercy, new every morning.

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