Author: Nan Jones

Come to Me, My Child … I’m Coming, Lord

I love You, Lord. I lift my voice to You in praise, I bow my knees in worship. I hear You calling, “Come to Me, My child,” and my heart responds, “I’m coming, Lord … I’m coming.”

What a privilege it is to be in Your presence. Your love washes over me and I am helped. Thank You for pursuing me in my difficult places. Thank You for Your grace that makes all things new and strengthens me to withstand the works of the enemy.

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My Spirit Knows What My Eyes Can’t See: God’s Grace

My morning coffee gurgled and pumped, filling the kitchen with its savory aroma. While I waited, I glanced out the window toward the old apple tree. Perched on its stark branches of winter sat three cardinals, crimson feathers plumped to beat the cold while snow peppered down. I considered God’s grace abounding, falling freely on my difficult places, making everything beautiful in its time.

God’s grace is truly remarkable — amazing many would say. Freely given, blanketing us in His love and care. I wish His grace were as tangible as the snowflakes falling …

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I Am Persuaded You are Able to Keep Me, Lord

Lord, what an amazing God You are, full of wonder, bathed in beauty. Your power knows no rival, Your love knows no measure. I am persuaded You are able to care for me — You are the Keeper of my soul.

When I think of Your goodness, I am overwhelmed by Your faithfulness. You are able to make all grace abound to me, to cause Your sufficiency to meet my insufficiency so that I might have an abundance of life.

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My Soul Longs for the Dwelling Place of the Lord

High above the country road where branches spread bare and sky peeks through, a gathering of twigs, moss, and leaves cluster together to form a nest — a home — a dwelling place. The branches cup together like fingertips creating a hollow space to support the tiny chamber.

A perfect space for a perfect dwelling place.

A magnificent God and a tiny bird who matters to the One who made her.

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Does My Heart Burn Within Me When You Pass By, Lord?

Lord, how often do You draw near and I don’t recognize Your presence? Does my heart burn within me? Does my spirit not give witness to You when You pass by?

Oh, God, forgive me. You are the Almighty God. You are my Redeemer, the Lord Most High. In You, I have put my trust. And yet, I get caught up in myself, my problems, and my difficult places, and I become consumed by the world … instead of by You.

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