Author: Nan Jones

Your Hope Sustains and Strengthens Me, Lord

Father, You are God of all things, Ruler over heaven and earth. Your love astounds me. Your hope sustains and strengthens me.

Fix my eyes on You during this crazy busy time filled with distractions that lead us away from You. You have made me righteous before You. You have called me daughter … all because of Jesus, whom we celebrate.

Therefore I have hope.

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When Heaven Meets Earth, I Am Helped Lord

Father, You are sovereign. You are mighty … You are good. Your faithfulness is a sure place I can cling to and rely upon. When I cry out, You hear me — heaven meets earth and I am helped. Always.

All my life You have been faithful to me. You are just a breath away, a word spoken and You race through the heavens to help me.

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God’s Heart. A Place of Thanksgiving, Peace, and Hope

I’m learning a lot about thanksgiving — maintaining a thankful heart despite very difficult circumstances, understanding the importance of a thankful heart, and recognizing how a thankful heart is a gift and tool straight from God’s heart to lift us above the difficult places.

This type of thanksgiving runs deep through our veins bringing life to our weary bones.

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