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Crackling Sound of Leaves. Were The Trees Clapping?

I walked beneath the pine canopy that rises above our country road. Boughs of oak limbs stretched into the arch above me, making themselves known among the evergreens. Aged split-railed fencing, silvered by the sun, ran alongside the road. I heard a sound and paused. A crackling sound of leaves behind me caught my attention. It seemed almost rhythmic.

Turning, I witnessed an amazing sight — hundreds of leaves in shades of burgundy and brown twirling and swirling to the ground. The crackling sound was heard as they bounced from limb to limb and then landed on the road below.

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Finding God’s Presence ~ When Praise Flows From a Jumbled Pile of Brokenness

I strolled along our country road needing a few moments alone with the Lord. You know … clear my mind, roll some burdens over on Him. I wanted to remind myself of His faithfulness. I needed to press in — let the praise flow once again.

I experienced a lot of brokenness over the past few years. Often I felt like a jumbled pile of brokenness left for dead. I know I am not alone. Many of my Christian brothers and sisters are facing desperate situations.

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Could the Fruit of God’s Presence Be Praise? The Story of the Maple Tree

Do I realize that God’s glory comes from within and isn’t contingent on my circumstances? The maple tree must know this because it is rejoicing with magnificent color, even though winter is coming. Do I walk in the knowledge that my life can give praise simply for who He is in the face of barren, bleak circumstances?
Paganini, a famous Italian violinist said, “Music is not in the instrument, but in the soul.”

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