Even when the harsh winds blow, God still works everything together for our good when we love Him.

After a brutally cold night howling with harsh winds, the morning woke with peace. Snowflakes peppered down, covering the barren earth of winter with a soft blanket of white.

Weeping May Endure for a Night, But Joy Comes in the Morning

Tucking my legs beneath me, I nestled into the corner of the couch, gripped a warm cup of coffee and watched out the window as morning broke through the darkness. A cardinal clothed in scarlet perched on the edge of our bird feeder. As he feasted on sunflower seeds, large snowflakes fell. Soft. Gentle. Cascading all about him.

The wind had ceased and now the beauty of its occurring was revealed.

You see, the wind with its merciless howl is the very conduit for the soft and gentle snowfall this morning. The wind carried with it the cold air, clearing the way for the snow clouds to form and release their bounty of glory.

The cardinal revealed purpose for the harsh winds.
The cardinal revealed purpose for the harsh winds.

The fierce wind had purpose.

Even though ugly and painful, it brought forth beauty.

Life can be like that.

Events happen that take our breath away. The wind blows so hard that we must cling to the Cross to keep upright. We shiver from fear of the unknown. Eyes drip with tears from the cold reality coming at us fast and blowing down our necks.

And yet, it is said that the Lord our God walks on the wings of the wind, that it is He that commands the wind telling it which way to blow.

And either I believe He is who He says He is, or I don’t.

Either I trust Him, or I don’t.

Just like the beautiful gentle snowfall that came from the brutal winds of night, so He promises to bring beauty from my ashes.

And from yours.

Even Through Harsh Winds God Can Reveal Himself

I sipped my coffee and gazed at the cardinal. He ate peacefully from the bounty of my hand while delicate flakes of grace drifted from heaven.

Gentle snowfall born of harsh winds.
Gentle snowfall born of harsh winds.

I’m sure he hunkered down during the strong wind of the night before. Perhaps he found refuge in the old apple tree nearby — the one with the stark branches raised towards heaven.

All creation proclaims the glory of our God.

Whether we look for it or not.



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