how to have a thankful heart in the difficult places

The evening sky burned with the fiery orange of a setting sun, reflecting the anguish within me. I watched as God’s consuming fire seemed to melt away the hard edges of the day. Colors intense. Brilliant. Ablaze. I found myself caught up in its glory while I wrestled with how to have a thankful heart in my difficult places.

My wrestling led me to the Lord.

How to Have a Thankful Heart

In Scripture He is often referred to as a consuming fire. His glory also described as such:

“The sight of the glory of the Lord was like a consuming fire on the top of the mountain in the eyes of the children of Israel.” ~ Exodus 24:17

how to have a thankful heart in the difficult places

As I considered this concept, my eyes tried to absorb the glory of the setting sun. The day’s activities wandered through my mind, its burdens weighing heavy on my heart.

Was there a message for me in the fiery sky? Was the Lord teaching me how to have a thankful heart, even on my difficult days?

I thought about God’s presence through it all — not only because it was an especially difficult day, but because He promised to be with me always … in the mundane and the dramatic, in the crisis and in the activity of an ordinary day.

I thought about the Lord’s goodness, and His faithfulness — His mercies that are new every morning. And I thanked Him for being with me as I offered a sacrifice of praise.

How beautiful is a sacrifice of praise to the Lord! It is one of the highest praises we can offer, filled with a sweet aroma to our God. In our praise, hearts turn directly to Him. Our thankful heart reflects our love and trust that bubbles up from the very core of our being — passing through the brokenness, through the scars, through the difficult places — and praises Him anyway.

Because our God alone is worthy of praise.

Now at the end of this difficult day, I witnessed the glory of my God overhead. I knew in my heart He accepted my offering of thanksgiving and praise — His consuming fire setting the evening sky ablaze, granting a glimpse of His majesty.

Oh, the Joys of a Thankful Heart!

The sweet presence of His Spirit surrounded me in the gentle breeze that began to blow. I felt the touch of His love upon my heart, the strength of His joy deep within.

I sat and watched as the blaze of His fire dipped below the mountain ridge. The fiery orange and amber glow began to mellow, blending into a deep navy blue which quickly became the inky black of night.

At day’s end, a peace settled over me and I knew in my knower, “It is well with my soul.” Oh, the joys of a thankful heart, even in the difficult places.

Especially beneath the setting sun of the evening sky set ablaze with God’s consuming fire.



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