I need a breakthrough with joy Lord. Rescue me from sadness.
A Christmas Prayer

“Then He broke through and transformed all my wailing
    into a whirling dance of ecstatic praise!
    He has torn the veil and lifted from me
    the sad heaviness of mourning.
    He wrapped me in the glory-garments of gladness.
How could I be silent when it’s time to praise You?
    Now my heart sings out, bursting with joy—
    a bliss inside that keeps me singing,
    ‘I can never thank You enough!’” ~ Psalm 30:11-12, TPT

My Sadness Consumes Me, Lord. I Need a Breakthrough of Joy

Lord, the Christmas bells are still ringing, twinkling lights still dot the landscape. Sanctuaries still announce Your birth with red, gold, and silver raiment laced through the evergreens, and yet a spirit of heaviness weighs me and many others down. I need a breakthrough of joy, Lord. Rescue me from this sadness.

I need a breakthrough with joy Lord. Rescue me from sadness

It has no rhyme or reason — this sadness. It just is. Perhaps it’s an accumulation of sadness — sorrow upon sorrow until now it is beginning to consume me. Now I can distinguish it as a spirit of heaviness.

Set me free, Lord. You have promised the oil of joy for the spirit of heaviness. You have promised to set the captives free. I rebuke this heaviness in the Name of Jesus and I ask You, Holy Spirit, to flow through me with Your Living Water to wash away its grip on me.

I need a breakthrough, Lord. Tear down the walls of the stronghold, and set my feet to dancing again.

I will sing praise to You and not be silent. I will give thanks to You forever.

He Has Given Me the Oil of Joy for the Spirit of Heaviness

I need a breakthrough with joy, Lord. Transform my sorrow into a whirling dance of ecstatic praise! Not because of my circumstances, but because of You — my faithful, loving God. You alone are worthy of my praise.

I love You, Lord.

In the Name of Jesus I pray,



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