He promises to fight our battle for us.

“Do not be afraid. Stand still, and see the salvation of the Lord which He will accomplish for you today … The Lord will fight for you and you shall hold your peace.” ~ Exodus 14:13, 14

Lord, You reminded me this morning that You go before me. You said, Don’t be afraid, I am with you. I will fight your battles as you trust Me and yield to My authority.

Open your eyes to see my chariots of fire all about you.

Where is God When the Fight is Brutal?

I thank You for that encouraging word, Lord. Your faithfulness to preserve and protect Your children is such a blessing. You cover me with Your wings and I am safe.

The fight has been especially brutal lately. Without You, I would have succumbed to the enemy’s assault. He has all weapons drawn and he has made me his target.

But I have my shield of faith lifted high.

Because You’ve taught me.

The armor OF God protects me in the fight.
The armor OF God protects me in the fight.

You’ve taught me that YOU are my shield and, that as I keep my focus on You, and walk humbly with You on this journey of faith, my shield will quench the flaming arrows of the enemy.

I will not be harmed.

I will not be defeated.

I will, in fact, walk in blessed victory. Not because of me, but because of You, my Defender. You are the Lord of Hosts — the God of Angel Armies!

And when I cry out to You in my distress, especially in my hardest fight, You respond with power and might. You surround me with songs of deliverance.

Your chariots of fire stand ready with Your angel armies to fight the enemy and rescue me.

Oh, Lord! Open my eyes that I might see.

The Lord is Faithful to Rescue Us in The Fight

You will rescue me, Lord. This I know because You have promised. You are faithful to Your Word. You are faithful to Your child.

I need only be still and watch the salvation of the Lord.

You are awesome, Lord. Thank You.

In Jesus’s Name I pray,



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