When expectations go unmet, remember that God’s love will NEVER fail you. He is faithful.

Lord, I trusted You. I really did. I shared all of my dreams with You, my heart’s desires, my plans — I gave them all to You because I trust in Your faithfulness. I know Your goodness.

I know that I know You hear me when I call out to you … and You respond.

But now everything seems to be on hold. Now, sometimes, I wonder if You care about my disappointments, my difficulty in seeing everything come to a halt while I wait.

Open my eyes of faith, Lord. Help me see beyond the veil to recognize Your hand in all things.

Give me endurance to walk by faith and not by sight — what I can see right now is not very encouraging. It’s not at all what I expected.

When you need a place to hang your expectations, Jesus is a sure place.

Lord, I know and believe that You are for me and not against me. I know that You are the God of impossibilities because nothing is too hard for You. I’ve come to know that when it feels like You’re doing nothing, that’s when You are doing the most.

You are creating divine appointments.

You are arranging circumstances.

You are working in me to prepare me for what’s ahead.

But it’s still hard to wait between my expectations and my reality.

It’s hard not to become discouraged because reality is … well … reality is real and it’s not always pleasant and it blurs my view of the expectations of my heart concerning matters I’ve given to You.

I believe Lord.

Help my unbelief.

When you’re stuck between your expectations and your reality, focus on Jesus, your sure place.

Help me wait patiently on You. Our timing is not Your timing. Our ways are not Your ways.

But this I know — this is my sure place — You are who You say You are, You do what You say You will do, and when I cannot trace Your hand, I know I can trust Your heart.

As I sit here between my expectations and my reality, I choose to focus on You, because it is there I will find my peace. Thank You for Your peace, Lord.

Thank You for Your reassurance that all is well.

I love you, Lord.

In Jesus’ Name I pray,



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