My eyes were swollen from crying. Satan’s oppression was fierce, piercing my heart with tremors of fear and defeat. Honestly, at times I could scarcely breathe. It was horrible.

As I lay on the couch, I kept calling on the Name of Jesus. I pictured Him as my strong tower. I saw myself running to Him, but tripping and falling over rugged stones. Tears blinded me. Fear defeated me. My spirit opened and closed like the mouth of a baby bird, begging for Living Water.

I knew I needed help.

Facebook came to mind, but could I put my pride aside and ask my friends for help? Yes, I could. It took several prayers for courage, but I knew I needed my Christian family. I posted, “When my heart is overwhelmed, lead me to the Rock that is higher than I…that is higher than I. Prayers please.”

Friends responded immediately with prayers and sweet words of encouragement. Their presence led me to His Presence. Although I had not revealed my source of panic, the Spirit of God opened their eyes to see. Chicken and potatoes came in. Gas money came in. Wood for the woodstove was provided along with money for rent. The chains of depression gripping my husband due to false accusations and unemployment broke in two, setting him free. My Mighty God reached down from heaven and set me high upon the Rock, high above my enemies and gave me peace.

Exodus 33:14 reads, “And He [God] said, ‘My Presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.'”

The Hebrew term for “give rest” is nu’ach (noo-ahch) and means “To rest, settle down, to be soothed or quieted; to be secure; to be still; to dwell peacefully.”

There is nothing quite like the soothing touch of our Daddy God.

Do you need Him today? Are you experiencing panic? Fear? Doubt? Are you stumbling on obstacles as you run to Him? Your brothers and sisters in Christ are standing by to pray for you, to under-gird you and to give you Jesus. Please don’t let pride stand in your way. We need one another.

Allow them to lead you to your Prince of Peace. Jesus.

Father God, Your love is amazing. Thank You for Your faithfulness and Your grace that flows like a river. I lift up my friends to You who feel their grip on Your hand slipping. Grab hold of them, Jesus. Let them know, without a doubt, that You are near. I ask that You meet their needs in mighty and tangible ways. Wrap them in a soothing blanket of Your love. Thank You Lord. We love You.
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