We awoke to a dreary, dismal morning. Rain showers popped in and out, blanketing the earth with layers of mist. Gray was the color of the day – gray skies, gray vistas from our mountain roads, and gray mood. Nothing terrible, mind you. Just gray.

I attached Blue’s leash and we headed out for our afternoon walk. Our country road meanders past a meadow along the forest’s edge. The pavement gives way to gravel, worn with well-traveled tracks. This stretch of road twists and turns through pine groves, pastures, and rambles beneath a canopy of oaks and hemlocks. 

It was in this stretch that the Lord opened my eyes to see.

Blue and I rounded a curve. The gray light that had engulfed us darkened a little from the shadows of the trees. As we got to the far side of the curve, the call of a cardinal caused me to look up. Above me were the dying leaves of a red oak. Their color had become a burnished burgundy. Rich. Deep. Like velvet. The color wasn’t flamboyant, nor was it flaming as it would have been in the bright sunlight of the day before. No. The color was rich because of the darkened gray of the day. The darkness created a contrast that caused the leaves to stir something within me – a knowing, an understanding of their depth of color against the gray of the day.

The burnished burgundy of the leaves reminded me of me.

Through the extreme trials of recent months, I have come to realize that my faith has deepened. It has become rich, more valuable than precious gold, more beautiful than a burnished burgundy velvet. The world can’t take that away from me. It’s priceless. I’m learning that the contrast of dismal circumstances, when placed in God’s capable hands and set according to His purposes, create profound insight into the things of God.

The Apostle Paul understood this principle well:

“For our light affliction, 
 which is but for a moment, 
is working for us 
a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory, 
while we do not look at the things which are seen, 
but at the things which are not seen. 
For the things which are seen are temporary, 
but the things which are not seen are eternal.” 
~ 2 Corinthians 4: 17 & 18

I’m sure that in tomorrow’s sunlight the burgundy leaves will once again appear flamboyant and flaming as they reflect the mountain sun. But, for today, I’m thankful I had the chance to witness their burgundy velvet cloak set against the dismal gray.

Without a doubt, God has shown me His heart.

Father, Thank You for opening my eyes to see You – to find You in all things. This season of trials has been very difficult, but I can see the reward; I can see the purpose. Thank You for the lessons learned. Thank You for the deepening of my faith that will prepare me for the days ahead. Use me for Your glory, Lord. Use me. Mold me. Fill me to overflowing with Your great love to spill over onto those around me. Praise You, Lord. You alone are worthy of praise.
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