Lazarus died. He was a beloved friend of Jesus, brother to Mary and Martha, and yet he died. Jesus knew he was sick – the women had sent word to Him. They knew Jesus loved Lazarus and they knew He could heal him. The women didn’t doubt Jesus’ love or ability to heal. They “let their request be made known to the Lord”. 

But Lazarus died.

“Now Jesus loved Martha and her sister and Lazarus. So, when He heard that he was sick, He stayed two more days in the place where He was” (John 11:5, 6). Huh? Jesus knew Lazarus was sick, but He stayed two more days before He went to him? Why? In those two days of waiting, Lazarus died.

Jesus waited because God had a plan.

Jesus knew all along that Lazarus would be raised back to life through the power of God. His death was allowed for the glory of the Lord. Jesus even told His disciples, “Lazarus is dead. And I am glad for your sakes that I was not there, that you may believe.” 

…that you may believe…

God always has a plan. Always. 
God always hears our prayers. Always. 

But many times we are called to wait. Not because He doesn’t want to be bothered. Not because He has to think about the answer. Not because He enjoys watching us squirm in our frustration. Nope.

Many times we are called to wait because the Lord wants to show us His glory…His GLORY! He wants to perform things that only God – and God alone – could perform. God is good all the time. He is faithful. He is able. And He delights in working miracles for His children.

              “Let all that I am wait quietly before God,
                         for my hope is in him. 
                    He alone is my rock and my salvation,
                my fortress where I will not be shaken;
             My victory and honor come from God alone. 
     He is my refuge, a rock where no enemy can reach me. 
                    O my people, trust in him at all times.
                        Pour out your heart to him,
                           for God is our refuge.”*
 Wait. Yachal (yah-chal): hope, trust, expect, remain in anticipation. 

“The correct way to hope and wait for the Lord is to steadfastly expect His mercy, His salvation, and His rescue, and while waiting, not take matters into one’s own hand” (Spirit Filled Life Bible commentary, p. 1327).

Remain in anticipation. God is working all things together for Your good.

*Psalm 62: 5-8, New Living Translation 

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