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A Prayer to Make Room For Jesus This Christmas

Lord, Your love, Your grace, Your mercy astounds me. The lengths You go to make Yourself known to us is staggering. Teach us the necessity of reciprocating that relationship — to make room for You in our hearts, making time to seek You first.

The very essence of Christmas is celebrating Your birth. You came to earth so that we could know You. Yet, there is nothing about being still during this busy season. Shoot! We can barely find time to worship corporately, much less sit quietly before You, making You a priority.

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A Prayer to Face the Days Ahead as Our Shepherd Leads Us

Lord, You are my Shepherd. I love Your tender watchcare over me — meeting my needs, protecting me from the enemy, leading me to places of rest and refreshment. Thank You so much.

I rejoice in my coming King and I kneel humbly before You in anticipation of what You may ask of me in this coming year — what You may ask of each of us.

The days grow dark as evil seeps in. But Your grace rains onto the earth like floodwaters washing away our fear and angst

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Advent Prayer ~ Learning to Be Still

Lord, I don’t want to miss You because of all the noise of Christmas. You were “happening” in Bethlehem the night You were born — the glory of Your Presence was all around — but the people missed it. They were busy taking care of business and missed the Son of God coming to earth right there in their midst.

But the shepherds heard and responded with great joy. Was it because the shepherds were separated from the hustle bustle of Bethlehem? Did they anticipate Your coming and wait for You with expectation? Had they learned what it means to be still?

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Advent Prayer ~ Your Love Gives Me Hope, Courage, and Peace

Lord, there is no god beside You — none can compare! And the amazing thing is that, even though You are magnificent, awesome, and the Most High God, You call us precious in Your sight. You loved us so much that You sent Jesus so we could know You and grasp the depth of Your love.

Help us take hold of that Truth, for it is phenomenal.

Your love gives me hope.

Your love gives me courage. And peace.

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Advent Prayer ~ Make My Heart Your Bethlehem

Lord, O Lord, You are Jehovah tsidkenu — the Lord my righteousness. Without You, there is no righteousness. Without You there is no redemption, no cleansing of the heart to prepare room for Your indwelling Holy Spirit.

Be born in me. Make my heart Your Bethlehem.** Help me in my pursuit of holiness that, in You, the transformation into Your likeness becomes complete and Your light shines with abandon into a darkened world.

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Advent Prayer ~ Steady My Heart, Lord

Lord, show me Your truths. I want to know You in Your fullness — all that You are. I want to walk in the light of Your glory all the days of my life — to behold Your beauty, to recognize Your majesty, to know Your touch. I want my heart to be a welcoming dwelling place for you.

Steady my heart, Lord.

I feel frenzied so often.

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