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Finding God’s Presence ~ When God’s Life-Light Blazes Out of The Darkness

I heard a noise — a rustling — along the forest’s edge. Turning to my right, I saw a squirrel scamper up the old oak tree, cheeks bulging with goodies found on the forest floor. I stood still and watched for a moment and then my gaze drifted to what the Lord wanted me to see all along …

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Finding God’s Presence ~ Who is The Keeper of My Soul?

Sunshine bathed my face in warm light as I gazed at the sapphire sky of October. Peace stirred within me — a peace long sought after. I walked up the gravel drive of the country church nestled in our mountain hollar. Sitting down on the church’s top step, I wrapped my arms around my knees, intertwined my fingers, gently rocked, and thought of the Lord, the Keeper of my soul.

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