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Different, Yet a comrade, Because of God’s Gift of Praise

My song rang out loud and clear as I walked along the dirt road rambling across the mountain ridge. Sunlight warmed my shoulders. Praise warmed my heart.

As I sang, I noticed the song of a bluebird, an unlikely comrade on my walk, perched on a limb of the oak butted up against the road. I stopped to admire him.

When I stopped singing, he stopped singing. When I sang a note, he sang a note.

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Finding God’s Presence ~ In the Dim Light of Winter Sadness Lies Abundant Grace

Arctic air lay across our mountain with brutal, bone-chilling cold. Oyster gray skies heightened the frigid air by reinforcing the dim light of winter sadness.

I tucked my feet beneath me on the couch and spread the warm fleece of a blanket over me. Sipping coffee, I stared out over the barren landscape. Green grass had long since turned brown and brittle. Trees with branches bare stretched with yearning toward the winter sky, perhaps requesting sunlight to warm the sap within.

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