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A Prayer For the Next Step, But It’s Foggy up Ahead

Lord, You truly are my Way-Maker. What You say You will do, You will do. In Your timing. In Your way You will light the next step for us.

Give me courage to take the next step, even though the road is foggy up ahead. I see shadows of possibility in the mist — something is there, but I can’t see it clearly.

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Finding God’s Presence ~ The Pursuit of Faith

Spring rains brought on a growth spurt in my old grapevine. While gardening Saturday evening I noticed an offshoot making its way up the nearby apple tree. Ringlets of vine — tendrils — spiraled around tree branches as it climbed, securing the vine before venturing farther on its pursuit of strength and growth.

I paid attention to the climbing.

Higher and higher, stretching toward the heavens.

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Faith Notes ~ Tracie Manders: Where Are You God When My Child Dies?

You are about to meet a precious young woman, Tracie Manders. Tracie and her husband, Nathan, ¬†lost their five year old son, James, in a tragic car accident January 12, 2017. This is her story of raw pain and questioning the God she loves and ultimately her story of faith. It is a story of unbelievable heartache, yet determination to keep the memory of her son alive and to use his story for God’s glory. James was a happy child with a smile always on his face. He would light up a room when he walked in. James loved Jesus and looked forward to seeing heaven one day. As hard as these months have been, Tracie and Nathan have found the Lord to be faithful and His grace sufficient. They have found His tender mercies really are new every morning. I know their story will impact your life deeply.

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Finding God’s Presence ~ A Prayer to Find God’s Steadfast Love While in Harm’s Way

Thank You Lord, for Your abiding Presence … Abiding. Steadfast. Even though circumstances may change, You don’t. You remain.

We call upon Your name as the waters of destruction rise around us — figuratively and physically. Floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, and fires pummel the earth. Many of Your children are in harm’s way, yet we hold fast to Your Truth — the Truth of Your abiding Presence, Your Truth of salvation when we call upon Your Name.

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Faith Notes ~ Sandi Miller: Where is God When Your Childhood … Just … Isn’t?

Sandi Miller — what a mighty woman of God! The Lord has taken her life from a barren desert to overflowing streams that create an oasis for other hurting women. She amazes me and I know that I know her Redemption story will touch you deep in your soul. Please share this with any woman you know who has suffered the devastation of childhood sexual abuse and the broken heart, guilt, and shame of abortion. Sandi wants others to know the Father’s forgiveness and, together, we ask the Lord to help set the captives free.

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Finding God’s Presence ~ A Prayer to Learn Trust With Abandon

Lord, You complete me — You make me whole. You teach me to trust You. Your Living Water seeps through the broken places sealing the crevices with Your love. You are teaching me that as I bring You my adoration, You return to me Your strength and power to accomplish Your purposes in me. Thank You Lord. You renew my vision and awaken my heart.

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Faith Notes ~ Tammy Stewart: Miscarriages and Miracles

As I allow the Holy Spirit to guide me through this new feature called Faith Notes, I am often prompted to contact someone I don’t know and ask them to share their testimony. Even though I don’t know what their story is, the Lord does and He knows who needs to hear it. Tammy Stewart is one of these people. She shares her story of the loss and heartache of multiple miscarriages and how she found the faithfulness of God through it all. She is becoming a dear sister-friend who desires above all things to glorify God in her life and help others. She and I are praying that you will be encouraged by the words of her heart.

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Finding God’s Presence ~ A Prayer for Peace When Clinging Desperately to the Cross

Lord, You are God of the whole earth, the Holy One of Israel. You have provided for us a covenant of peace — perpetual. Never-ending. Never-waivering. Always available for Your child.

Thank You for Your perfect peace that manifests so beautifully in the midst of life’s perfect storms — those times we cling desperately to the Cross. Unemployment. Broken relationships. Prodigal children. Terminal illness. Tragedies. Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but You have promised to deliver us out of them all.

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Faith Notes ~ Karen Friday: Finding Hope When Darkness Consumes

Today’s guest on Faith Notes is a dear friend, Karen Friday, affectionately known as Karen Girl Friday. We met on Twitter a few years ago because she is a pastor’s wife and, well … I wrote a book for pastors’ wives. As it turned out Karen is also a writer and speaker, just like me. She has a precious, beautiful spirit fully dedicated to her Lord and delights in sharing hope with others. Be sure to read all the way through — Karen is offering a giveaway for those who subscribe to her blog. I’m sure her testimony will encourage you as it has me, because we are all on this journey of faith together.

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