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Even Broken Ground is Holy When God is Near

Several years ago, I needed to be reminded that God is near in my difficult places. I sat on a moss-laden boulder wedged in the soil high above the river streaming through the valley below — a stream flowing in purpose, a stream of life, a stream of beauty even as it coursed over broken branches and places filled with jagged rocks.

It flowed steadily.

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Breathe on Me, Breath of God. Fill Me With Life Anew

Breathe on me, Breath of God — I need You so. Rekindle the flame, teach my heart to love You more. Replenish my soul.

I’m weary, Lord, but in You I find peace. Lead me to Your secret place where I find shelter from the difficulties of life. Where I can learn the mysteries of who You are.

You alone are my hope.

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When Lack of Peace Oozes Into the Night

The night was filled with tossing and turning, framed by restless thoughts. The day had been challenging with many difficult situations causing my lack of peace to ooze into my night.

Rising before dawn, I grabbed a strong cup of coffee and stared out the window at the dark shroud of night — that magical time just before the rising of the sun. The earth lay still. Peaceful. Immersed in the sound of silence.

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Open My Eyes Lord, I Can’t See You for The Tears

Lord, You promise to draw near to the brokenhearted and those crushed in spirit. By faith, I know this to be true. But lately, I can’t see You because of my tears. Open my eyes Lord.

You are my faithful God, merciful and kind. I have no reason to doubt Your promises, but my circumstances are consuming me. My attention is focused there, like I’m in a headlock of the enemy and I can’t lift my head to behold Your glory.

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When Winter Lingers, Even Though It’s Spring

Our porch thermometer registered a brisk twenty-six degrees this morning — this first day of spring. The old apple tree is beginning to form tiny buds on its branches, my rose bushes are awakening from their slumber … spring is here, and yet winter lingers with its frosty mornings and oyster gray skies.

As I observed the contrast of two seasons — their merging, their conflict — I thought about my spirit. And yours.

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The Delicate Light Illuminating Tear-Stained Praise

A songbird perched in the stark branches of the old apple tree, winter still clinging, branches still bare. Her melody rang across the frost-laden earth, warming the atmosphere. A golden halo of sunrise lit up the crest of our mountain ridge with an amber glow and slowly spread across the forest, down the slope and grazed the top of the apple tree — the delicate light illuminating her feathers.

Light and song.

Winter awaiting spring.

For surely spring will come, hope will rebound across this land.

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I Need The Oil of Joy Lord. The Spirit of Heaviness is Hard

Lord, You are my strength, my hope, my joy. This I know and this I believe. Yet a spirit of heaviness has taken hold — I haven’t been able to release its grip. Would You anoint me with the oil of joy, and help me put on a garment of praise?

The trials have been fierce lately — relentless. Suffocating. But I know You are with me. I know that in Your presence is fullness of joy.

Why can’t I access it?

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I Need a Breakthrough Lord. Rescue Me From Sadness

Lord, the Christmas bells are still ringing, twinkling lights still dot the landscape. Sanctuaries still announce Your birth with red, gold, and silver raiment laced through the evergreens, and yet a spirit of heaviness weighs me and many others down. I need a breakthrough of joy, Lord. Rescue me from this sadness.

It has no rhyme or reason — this sadness. It just is. Perhaps it’s an accumulation of sadness — sorrow upon sorrow until now it is beginning to consume me.

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Quiet Me With Your Love Lord. My Heart is Struggling

Lord, I am so thankful that when I walk thorough the fire, I won’t be burned because You are with me. When I walk through the turbulent water, I won’t drown because You will carry me safely to the other side. I believe this, and yet my heart is struggling. Please quiet me with Your love Lord.

Your peace is all about me and settles me in my times of need — but I’m struggling beneath the burdens of others. I see their pain, the injustices, the devastation of lives lost, and my heart breaks. I want to fix it for them, but I can’t.

You can, Lord.

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Where is The Morning Star in My Darkness?

The inky jet of night blanketed the earth in deafening silence. Stillness. Thoroughness. A billion stars scattered tiny points of light high above me. But the complete darkness outside my window remained, reminding me of my own darkness. Where is the Morning Star that illuminates the darkness? My darkness?

The inky jet of night reflected my thoughts — thoughts of discouragement. Depression. Where was my light of joy and peace?

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