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God Knows My Heart Before I Utter a Word

I held the warmth of my coffee cup to my chin, allowing the steam to rise and help remove the chill of this frosty spring morning. Sitting quietly, gazing out the window at the wonder of God’s creation, I sensed God’s presence drawing near. We didn’t speak. There was no need. God knows my heart before I utter a word.

David’s dementia is increasing, his ability to reason escaping his gentle spirit. It’s been a hard few days … and I needed to be held in my Savior’s love.

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Crackling Sound of Leaves. Were The Trees Clapping?

I walked beneath the pine canopy that rises above our country road. Boughs of oak limbs stretched into the arch above me, making themselves known among the evergreens. Aged split-railed fencing, silvered by the sun, ran alongside the road. I heard a sound and paused. A crackling sound of leaves behind me caught my attention. It seemed almost rhythmic.

Turning, I witnessed an amazing sight — hundreds of leaves in shades of burgundy and brown twirling and swirling to the ground. The crackling sound was heard as they bounced from limb to limb and then landed on the road below.

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Inspired to Praise, Salty Tears Turn Sweet

The cardinal threw his head back and sang. Bathed in a ray of sunlight breaking through the young foliage of spring, his song lifted to the heavens, its melody surely praising his Creator.

As the cardinal’s song wafted over the mountain hollar, I too was inspired to praise. I lifted my head towards the One who loves me and began to sing, Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty …

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