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Finding God’s Presence ~ A Prayer to Step Into the Light of Grace

Lord, I want to step into the light of grace where shadows fall away and all that is before me is the glory of Your Presence. I want to be wrapped in Your love, held by Your mighty arm like a child held against her Father’s chest where hearts beat as one. I’m safe in Your arms, Lord. I find peace there and the mountains of frustrations become molehills of distractions and I am over them, not under their torment. Thank You Lord. I like it there in Your arms…

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Finding God’s Presence ~ That Still, Small Voice Reminding Me I Am His

And I thought of the day when He said, “I will be your God and You will be My child” — that wondrous day of my salvation when I entered into covenant love with my Maker. That day I asked Him to be my first love. Can you remember the day You met the Almighty God through the shed blood of Jesus? For some it was a quiet knowing, for others a miraculous day of exuberant shouting, but for all of us, I believe it was a day of wonder.

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Finding God’s Presence ~ Dangling Between the Familiar and the Unknown

The child dangled from a large tree limb, legs flailing, tongue wailing. She was terrified of dangling so far above the ground, yet terrified even more of letting go to slip into her father’s arms flung outstretched beneath her. Her saga on the limb, though dangerous, was a sure thing, even if she didn’t like it — though she dangled, her grasp was strong and the limb sturdy.

But she was stuck and afraid.

Afraid to let go.

The child was me.

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Finding God’s Presence ~ Grace Strengthens Where Life is Fractured

Lord, Your love satisfies a longing soul. It flows over and through the broken places of my heart bringing hope and restoration. Your grace strengthens where life is fractured and needs healing. Your mercy comforts and keeps my heart from growing cold. Thank You Lord. Thank You for Your unfailing love.

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Finding God’s Presence ~ How Dead Branches and Excess Baggage Tell the Redemption Story

Beneath the massive trees lay several broken, dead branches — victims of the storm from the day before. I stood and considered the carnage littering the ground. Did the branches grip the tree trunk defiantly when the storm winds blew? Did they fall away easily, fully complacent about their plight? Or were they caught of guard, oblivious to the approaching storm?

And even more important, did the beautiful evergreen sway in the rhythm of the wind, completely surrendered as the storm did its work to rid the tree of dead baggage that forbade new growth?

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Where is God When My Flesh Stinks?

This I know … my flesh stinks. Please forgive me for my snarky thoughts. My tongue is sore from biting it. Thank You for the self-control not to speak my mind, but please forgive me for my thoughts that were not of You. Renew my thoughts by the power of Your Word. I bring them captive to Your Lordship because I so desire to please You in all things, especially the difficult places.

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Where is God When Life is Messy?

Does your life feel like a tangled mess? Is it hard to breathe with the turmoil in your heart and mind? Then I ask you to close your eyes and picture the One who loves you, Who seeks you out to encourage you, to give you strength, and comfort. Awaken your heart to give Him praise and thank Him for His faithfulness.

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Where is God When I Need to Know the Truth?

Ashes lay scattered all about me. Disappointments taunt and accuse me. Confusion swirls while Your perfect peace knocks at my door. Help me reach out and take Your peace once again. You are a God of peace, not of confusion. You promise to bring beauty from my ashes as I offer my pain to You. Thank You Lord. I’m trusting You to do just that because You are Truth and You are good.

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