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Rise Up, O God, and Scatter My Enemies. Life is Hard

Lord, I love the power of Your might, and I love the tenderness of Your watch-care over Your children. Your love guards us fiercely. Rise up, O God, and scatter my enemies. They are many and are making life hard.

My enemies aren’t clothed in flesh and blood. They are principalities of darkness that won’t leave me alone. They know just how to trigger fear and upsettedness in me. They know how to make me question everything, how to stir discontentment in my heart.

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A Prayer When You’re Waiting for Joy to Come in the Morning

Lord, You have shown Your love to me — Your grace, Your mercy. You have given me glimpses of who You are, especially during the difficult places.

You are powerful. You are Almighty God — the Sovereign Lord. You are El Shaddai, the All-sufficient One who nurtures and comforts me.

Even so, sorrow overwhelms me, Lord. Not everyday, but most days.

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