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A Prayer When Peace is Disturbed and Your Faith is Shaken

Lord, what a mighty God You are! All-powerful. All-knowing. All-sufficient. You are amazing. When our peace is disturbed You are the glue that holds us together — when, and if, we have built our lives around You.

You have taught me that You are the Anchor of my soul. You are the One who maintains balance for me when my world is crumbling and my faith is shaken.

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A Prayer for Your Song in the Night that Got Muffled

Lord, You are tender and compassionate when Your child is hurting. You are faithful to draw near when we need to hear Your heartbeat — the reassurance that You are with us. When darkness closes in, You are my song in the night. I am not alone.

I will lift my eyes to You, Lord, from whence comes my help. I will rejoice in God my Savior because You are the strength of my heart.

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A Prayer to Hurry Up and Wait … For the Appointed Time

Lord, You have taught me about Your sovereignty — Your authority over all things. I’m learning to trust in the knowledge that You really do have a master plan, that everything will work together for the good of those who love You. So why do I often feel like I have to “hurry up and wait” for the appointed time — YOUR appointed time?

Your timing is perfect. Mine is not.

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With Spirit Parched, God’s Grace Rains Down

We awoke to cool mountain air this morning. Rain peppered down on earth parched by two weeks of an unbearable July heatwave. The air felt fresh. Birds sang. Hummingbirds darted around their sugar water in a feeding frenzy.

It was delightful.

My goodness, what a difference a day makes.

What a difference God’s grace makes!

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