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When Winter Lingers, Even Though It’s Spring

Our porch thermometer registered a brisk twenty-six degrees this morning — this first day of spring. The old apple tree is beginning to form tiny buds on its branches, my rose bushes are awakening from their slumber … spring is here, and yet winter lingers with its frosty mornings and oyster gray skies.

As I observed the contrast of two seasons — their merging, their conflict — I thought about my spirit. And yours.

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Rise Up, O God, and Scatter My Enemies. Life is Hard

Lord, I love the power of Your might, and I love the tenderness of Your watch-care over Your children. Your love guards us fiercely. Rise up, O God, and scatter my enemies. They are many and are making life hard.

My enemies aren’t clothed in flesh and blood. They are principalities of darkness that won’t leave me alone. They know just how to trigger fear and upsettedness in me. They know how to make me question everything, how to stir discontentment in my heart.

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How to Resist Satan and Not Become His Lunch

We’ve adopted a stray cat, Emily. She is shaped like a raccoon, walks with a hitch in her left hip, has half of a white mustache on her orange and black shag-rug-from-the-seventies fur. Little did I know this precious, misfit kitty was going to give me a lesson on how to resist Satan.

Birdfeeders outside our window see a flurry of activity, especially in the mornings. An array of birds take turns swooping in for a breakfast treat, singing their merry songs, chattering away the lingering darkness. My heart smiles as I sit quietly to watch.

This morning Emily discovered the birds.

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Biteth Thy Tongue When It’s Begging to be Free ~ a Prayer

Lord, I desire to honor You in all things — to glorify Your Name throughout the earth. Truly, I do! But my tongue! I need to “biteth thy tongue” more, and do so faster before it breaks free.

I need Your help. You have given me self-control.

But I need the want-to.

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be Like a Sheep When You’re Acting Like a Mule ~ A Prayer

Lord, You are my Shepherd, I shall not want for any good thing. You lead me in the paths of righteousness for Your Name’s sake. I want to be like a sheep in Your pasture, but lately I’ve been acting more like a mule.

It’s very subtle — most wouldn’t notice. But I do … and I’m sure You do as You search my heart and find anxious thoughts and attitudes that are not of You.

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