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Learn to Cast Your Cares With Confidence and Delight

The fly fisherman leaned back, ripples of river swirling around his knees. A glint of sunlight skipped across the water at the awakening of the dawn. Raising his fishing rod strategically upward, sideways, and a little bit backwards, he snapped his wrist and released the reel.

The whirling sound of fishing-line-set-free filled the air. It soared over the river, arching in the gentle breeze. The lure hit the water’s surface, carried by a specialized weighted line, sinking into the depths seeking its target.

I wonder if this is what it means to”cast your cares” on the Lord? Maybe what it looks like from a heart’s perspective?

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A Prayer to Find God in the Desert Place

Lord, Your ways are not our ways, but Your ways cause me to marvel. I marvel because as I watch and wait and wonder, You fulfill Your Word, especially in the desert places of my life. Why should I doubt? You always do what You say You will do!

You promised us streams in the desert, water in the wilderness. When we are parched and desperate for hope You, according to Your Word, often lead us into the desert where we finally reach the end of ourselves and will yield our hearts and ear to You.

Oh, how great is Your love!

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Finding God’s Presence ~ A Peculiar Glory

Blue and I turned toward home to beat the approaching storm. A stiff breeze was kicking up, carrying ominous black clouds over the mountain ridge.

We picked up our pace as darkness veiled the afternoon sun.

Birdsong rang out across the forest canopy. Loud chattering crossed back and forth among the trees. I suppose my feathered friends were warning one another of the impending danger. The breeze morphed into strong wind. The darkness grew darker, flanked by rolling thunder in the distance.

The closer the storm got, the quieter the birdsong.

Except for one.

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A Prayer When You Desire to Pray More, But Life Is Complicated

Lord, I appreciate Your attentive ear. Your omniscience amazes me. Your heart ever-responsive to Your children blesses me deeply. It lets me know I am not alone. It reminds me that I do not have to surrender to weariness but can rise on the wings of eagles as I wait on You in prayer.

On my knees I find peace.

On my knees I find hope and strength.

On my knees I find You, Lord.

I ask that You impart power to me as I drink from Your cup of Living Water — power to fulfill Your purposes in me. Yes, singleness of mind, that I might recognize and honor Your leading.

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Finding God’s Presence ~ How Can I Sing In The Fire?

I stacked the kindling just so on the bed of newspaper and cardboard. Striking the match, I tossed it into the belly of the woodstove. After a couple of minutes the fire began to blaze enough to support larger logs. I laid some red oak and locust across the flaming kindling, closed the woodstove door a little bit to create a draft, and then sat there to soak in the warmth on this frigid winter morning.

And then, to my amazement, the logs began to sing.

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Finding God’s Presence ~ How to Satisfy the Excessive Thirst of a Nation

My lips smacked together from the dryness of excessive thirst. I had worked in the yard all afternoon beneath a blazing summer sun complete with tropical air hovering over our mountain. Rivulets of sweat drenched me, adding to my thirst and need for water.

I came into the cool of the house, filled my glass with ice cubes and cold water, and gulped it down! The first glass made me want more — one glass was not enough. I quickly filled my glass again and practically inhaled the liquid refreshment. What joy as the cold water coursed through my lips and satisfied a voracious thirst.

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Finding God’s Presence ~ A Prayer When You Could Use a Smile

Lord, Your love surrounds me. I love this remarkable truth. Thank You. Your abiding presence makes my heart smile. Even when I feel distressed, I can smile at the thought of being completely and securely surrounded by Your love.

Some days the burdens are great and fear pounds at the door, but then I think of Your great love and I find peace again.

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Finding God’s Presence ~ A Prayer to Learn Trust With Abandon

Lord, You complete me — You make me whole. You teach me to trust You. Your Living Water seeps through the broken places sealing the crevices with Your love. You are teaching me that as I bring You my adoration, You return to me Your strength and power to accomplish Your purposes in me. Thank You Lord. You renew my vision and awaken my heart.

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Finding God’s Presence ~ A Prayer to Quench Your Thirst

Great are You, Lord — Your faithfulness, Your mercy, Your grace. They are new every morning, provided by Your hand to meet my needs throughout the day. You have taught me to gather these things of grace every morning. Like manna in the wilderness, Your grace sustains me. Your Living Water quenches my thirst.

But I must seek You first, be still and know, and receive the gifts from Your hand.

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