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Where is God in the Confusion Facing America?

I ask that You give us discernment between evil and good, truth and falsehood. I ask that You replace our fear with courage, our confusion with peace, for You are not a god of confusion, but a God of peace. I’m so thankful for that.

Together, we bring America before Your throne of grace and plead for mercy for a land that once shouted Your Name to the world and now hides behind political correctness. Forgive us Lord. Forgive us for not becoming angry sooner and making our voices heard.

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Where is God When I Need a Solid Rock on Which to Stand?

You are my anchor that keeps me from drifting into turbulent waters where I will surely drown. You keep my feet from slipping on the shifting sand that blows beneath me from shores I don’t recognize — from painful memories and personal places of struggle. You are faithful, Lord. And good — so good to Your children. Thank you.

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