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Sparrows Sang, Bickered, Feasted. Then Stood Still

Outside my window, the morning frenzy began as multiple sparrows dined at the feeder. They sang. They bickered. They feasted. Worship music saturated the atmosphere of my home as I began my day with Jesus. The Goodness of God began to play: “I love You, Lord. For Your mercy never fails me. All my days I’ve been held in Your hands … ”

I noticed the bickering and chattering had been replaced with silence. Opening my eyes, I glanced at the birdfeeder. I was stunned. All along the iron rods of two shepherd-hook poles, sparrows stood facing the window, their heads cocked, listening. Still. Quiet.

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A Prayer to See the Goodness of God in the Land of the Living

Lord, thank You for being so good. Goodness is innate within You. It is who You are. I hold fast to this truth in light of this world that is spinning out of control. As I think on who You are, I find reassurance that, indeed, Your children will see the goodness of God in this land in which we live.

Strengthen our hearts as we wait on You, Lord.

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Finding God’s Presence ~ Learning to Listen to the Wind Maker

A rush of wind swept through the treetops like the sound of crashing waves, its power witnessed in the bending of branches and the tousling of remaining leaves. Yet far below the forest canopy I walked in a broad patch of sunshine without the slightest breeze. In fact, I knew the blast of wind came only because I heard its whistle and saw its effects above me.

But in the sunshine I couldn’t feel the wind.

My spirit stirred and I knew this was a God-moment.

I’m listening, Lord.

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