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God of Hope, Fill Me With the Hope Only You Can Give

Lord, You are my portion, therefore I hope in You — You are all that I need, the giver of all things. You are the God of hope. Will You fill me anew?

Many are the afflictions of the righteous as evil seems to be unleashed in this world. Anger, violence, corruption, poverty, and disease are today’s norm. Decency and morality have been shoved to the side. Kindness is growing dim.

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How to Wait on the Faithfulness of God

The earth lay silent, still covered in snow now frozen from last week’s storm. Darkness hovered, waiting on the morning light. I waited also … on the sunrise, but I was also learning how to wait on the faithfulness of God.

Sitting by the window, morning coffee in hand, I waited … anticipated … looked for the rising of the sun with its glorious shades of apricot and lavender.

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A Prayer for God Holding Me Close Like He Promised

Lord, Your tender watch-care brings me such comfort and security. I am safe in Your arms. Thank You for holding me close.

Thank You for teaching me to recognize Your presence and to rely on Your promises. For in Your promises You assure me You will be near — You will be holding me close in my time of struggle.

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