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Rushing Spring Before Its Appointed Time

One of my hostas broke through the cold, hard dirt of winter too early this year. Its location circling the old juniper receives constant sun and faces south. I suppose this little guy got confused and pushed its way through the protective soil before winter had completely lost its grip. In his haste, he was rushing spring.

This determined hosta sprouted about four inches, its tightly wound leaves pointing like spikes toward the sky. The other hostas forming a circle around the juniper lay dormant, safe beneath the blanket of soil, waiting for the appointed time to emerge.

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Finding God’s Presence ~ In the Middle of a Thicket, Rose Hips Grew

Blue tugged hard on the leash, insisting on following the sound of crunching leaves through the thicket alongside our mountain road. He pulled hard, me flailing behind him. Stopping abruptly, Blue’s nose twitched while his eyes searched for his prize — a rabbit! Thank goodness it was a fast rabbit and Blue is not a fan of briers. Whew!

But in the middle of that thicket, overgrown with chaos and winter brown, grew a lesson from God.

Rose hips.

I had never considered rose hips before.

But today was different.

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