Trapped in the overwhelm, my God saw me

Deep in my spirit trapped in overwhelm, I heard the words, Look up, Child, and behold My glory. Consider the heavens and the works of My hands. Consider the magnificence of who I am. Is there anything too hard for Me? Is there anything insignificant to Me? No, My child. I am the God who sees and I know your name. What concerns you, concerns Me.

The Almighty God Knows My Name … and Yours

The bird feeder outside my window filled with activity as my feathered friends consumed their morning feast. I watched and thought of the words still resounding in my heart … I know your name …

The sun crested the ridge. A golden light laced with coral hovered above the trees. My eyes darted from the bird feeder to the glorious dawn painted in splendor. And I remembered how much the Lord loves me.

If the birds have His tender watchcare, how much more do I?

If He knows when the sparrow falls, how much more does He lift me and carry me when I am too weary to manage on my own?

I was no longer worried, no longer anxious, and no longer trapped in the overwhelm.

Indeed. How much more?

The old apple tree awoke beneath the sunbeams and swayed in the gentle breeze. Again, I became aware of the Lord’s presence for He walks on the wings of the wind. He draws near in my overwhelm — in your overwhelm — and restores our peace. A burst of sunlight peeked through the windowpane and cast its warmth on my face and I realized I was no longer worried, no longer anxious, and no longer trapped in the overwhelm.

For I know that I know my God is with me.

The Overwhelm Lost Its Grip on Me

My spirit stirred and a song escaped my lips, “Worthy is the Lamb … worthy is the Lamb. I give You all the glory for You are worthy to be praised.” With hands lifted high and sunlight cascading onto my face, I once again looked to the heavens. You are glorious in majesty, Lord. Your presence goes with me, and I find rest from the tribulations of this world.

Because of You, I can face my tomorrows.



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