God is our Miracle Maker.

When we run out, the miracle begins …

I heard that phrase in a sermon Sunday morning as I attended church in my pajamas and sipped on some hot coffee.

This need – this miracle – was meant to reveal the power and glory of Jesus.

It was spoken in reference to John 2, the story of the wedding in Cana where Jesus turned water into wine … because the wine had run out.

Jesus was not taken by surprise. This need — this miracle — was meant to reveal the power and glory of Jesus.

It was meant to reveal to the people who He was — the Messiah, the Great I Am.

That’s exactly why the Lord allows things to get down to the wire with us — ninth inning, two outs, and last batter up — before He intervenes. Our needs don’t take Him by surprise.

He wants us to realize our source — who He is. He wants us to dig deeper — to go deeper — in our trust of Him, so that He might prove Himself faithful.

But sometimes our flesh gets in the way, doesn’t it?

Sometimes all we can see is the crisis rather than the Miracle-Maker with a proven record.

I sat listening and thinking … thinking and listening.

Thinking about some very difficult places I’m facing.

Thinking about the courage I’m lacking, the finances running low, the absolute lack of energy.

Picking up my coffee cup, I turned my head to look out the window toward the lower end of our property. There’s an old chestnut tree there, haggard from decades of weather, barely standing, its branches stark against a winter sky.

A glimpse of crimson in the winterscape always reminds me the Lord is with me in my winter seasons.

Even from a distance I could see bright pops of crimson on the bare branches.


There were three of them scattered across the ashen gray tree..

I don’t know about you, but whenever I see cardinals in the dead of winter perched on a bare, barren tree I think of the Lord and how He always shows up in my winter seasons — in the desolate places of my life.


Without fail.

So why do I worry? Why do you?

When our resources run out — our strength, our finances, our health, our joy and hope — when we run out, the miracle begins.

Every need in my life is pointing me to a deeper part of God that He wants to reveal to me. The same holds true for you.

Friend, He wants us to know Him, not just about Him. He wants us to run to Him in our time of need — not because He is unaware, but because He wants us to make a conscious decision to involve Him in our needs so that we might see His glory.

The Lord wants us to understand that He is the WayMaker, the Promise Keeper, the Creator of miracles because of His love.

He is the Creator of miracles because of His love.

That’s what it boils down to …S

Because of His LOVE, He will never fail us in our time of need.



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