God is faithful, even when my light is dim.

God is faithful, even when my light is dim.

You called to me today, Lord. You called and I came. I came in solitude. In worship. I came in gratitude that You are faithful to me even when my light is dim.

You are faithful to me even when I can’t see past the window overlooking the great beyond – my tomorrows. Thank You. Thank You for holding my tomorrows in Your capable hands. Thank You for being in my tomorrows before I even get there. You are orchestrating the days of my life — I need only to rest in that knowledge knowing that nothing takes You by surprise. You are good, Lord. You are kind. And You are mighty to save and deliver us from all our difficult places. Thank You.

I ask that You encourage my friends today – those who realize their light has grown dim also and feel powerless to do anything about it. They feel overwhelmed. Worn out. And totally discouraged. But Lord, You promise to search the earth with Your eyes roaming to and fro seeking those who need to be strengthened. You ride on the wings of the wind to come to our aid. Your thoughts are ever toward Your children.

Your Light searches out our darkened places and illuminates them with Your Presence.

You are magnificent Father. Holy. Exalted. Our Prince of Peace. I stand amazed by Your tender care. Thank You for lifting me from the miry pit. Thank You for opening my eyes to see You near, knowing You are surrounding me with Your precious Presence. Open the eyes of my friends that they might receive the comfort of Your Presence also.

Awaken our hearts to worship You, for we love You, Father. We belong to You.


Please don’t carry your burdens alone. I would be honored to pray for you.

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