I would love the opportunity to meet, love, and encourage the ladies of your church or organization.  My message easily transcends denominations—it is a message of hope, steadfastness and encouragement from the Word of God. It is a message of finding the Lord in your darkest hour—of going beyond the veil to recognize His Presence with us. Always.

Perhaps you need a speaker for your ladies’ meeting, retreat, conference, banquet or bible study.  It doesn’t matter if there are only a few of you, or if the room is full.  Every heart is precious to our Heavenly Father.

Please leave me a message on my contact page so we can schedule a date.

Speaking Topics

Don’t Wrestle, Just Nestle: Under the Shadow of His Wing 

I want you to imagine a severe thunderstorm billowing overhead.  The wind kicks up, the earth grows dark and fear grips your heart.  Did I mention you were on a farm?  I want you to get a picture of a mother hen calling to her babies and then visualize the little biddies scurrying about in the blowing dust, wanting desperately to answer their mother’s call.  What happens when they find each other?  The mother hen lifts her beautifully strong wing and her babies run beneath this perfect shelter from the storm.  There are many scriptures that refer to the shadow of God’s wing.  It is a place of refuge, a shelter from the storm.  This sacred place is very near to His heart.  Learn how easy it is to abide there, to experience the peace that surpasses all understanding.

Be Still and Know  

As the children of Israel were fleeing from the Egyptians, Almighty God was with them and for them and showed Himself strong on their behalf.  He stood between His children and their enemies and did the impossible—He parted the Red Sea.  In His love and mercy He made a way for them where there was no way.  Hear the stories of impossibilities made possible by a powerful God Who cares immensely for the welfare of His children.

The Secret Place of the Most High 

What is the Lord’s Secret Place? Where do we find it? How do we find it? Together, we will discover that the Secret Place of the Most High is in the shadow of His Presence, near to His heart. It’s the place reserved for His child where He makes His mysteries known. The path to the Secret Place is pebbled with prayer, study, worship and a desire to know Him.  What a thrill to learn that the Lord pursues us with His love and calls us to fellowship with Him in this very holy and comforting place.

Beyond the Veil: Illuminating the Evidence of God 

This message offers wonderful insight into the correlation of The Golden Lampstand of the wilderness tabernacle in the Old Testament and the Light of Christ within the New Testament Believer. Those in attendance will be amazed when they realize the Golden Lampstand—whose purpose was to illuminate the evidence of God—pertains to us! It was lit with pure olive oil obtained by crushing olives. In John 16:33 Jesus said, “In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.” The Greek word for ‘tribulation’ is thlipsis which means CRUSHING! I have learned that when we offer our times of crushing—our trials, sorrows, and despair—to the Lord, the oil of the Holy Spirit within us is released, igniting the Light of Christ and thus illuminating the evidence of God in our lives. We learn the essence of who He is and we learn to recognize His Presence with us always.

From Parched to Refreshed

Are you thirsty? Is your heart dehydrated from all the cares of the world? Do you feel like you are living in a dry and weary land? You are not alone. Many of us experience thirst when life becomes unbearable. But, I have good news! You do not need to stay parched and withered. You can have joy unspeakable, peace that passes all understanding. Through this message, those in attendance will learn to empty themselves of the ‘dirty, stagnant’ water filling the vessel of their hearts and be filled anew with the Living Water of Jesus.

May You be Covered by the Dust of the Rabbi   

Doesn’t this thought make you smile?  This is actually a Jewish blessing.  In the Jewish tradition, young boys were immersed into the tenets of their faith.  It was a huge honor for the Rabbi to ask you to walk with him so that he could share his knowledge and inspire you to dig deeper in your understanding.  I can picture the Rabbi with his long, gray beard strolling arm-in-arm with his young student, eyes wide with wonder as the Rabbi explains the incredible mysteries of God.  The walk wasn’t a quick jaunt across the street. No. It was a loving stroll that lasted as long as the questions kept coming…dust and all.  Do you desire a relationship with Jesus that takes you on long, loving strolls through His Word?  Do you want to learn more about how to devour your bible?  Learn how to develop an intimate relationship with Almighty God that will change your life forever.

These are just a few suggestions for speaking topics.  Knowing that these messages work well in conjunction with one another may help you plan the theme for a ladies retreat or conference. Singularly, they are sure to encourage and inspire your ladies on their journeys through these difficult days.     

I am also happy to create a new message that will embrace the purpose behind your event.  You will find me to be very flexible and dedicated to meeting your needs.


“Nan Jones is the epitome of the kindred spirit.  Her astounding love for Jesus is reflected as a jubilant light in her personal life and to her friends and community.  She is a gifted artist, dynamic speaker and talented author.  Nan makes the Bible come alive through her teaching ability and her personal examples of faith and fortitude.  As a pastor’s wife, she has tremendous concern for the lost world around her, demonstrating the love of God through service and compassion.”

~ Judy Hodge
Bible Study Leader
Hickory, NC

“It is my privilege to recommend Nan Jones to you.  I have been acquainted with her for many years and always found her to be cheerful, happy and a joy in the Lord.  Fulfilling the role of the wife of a Southern Baptist Minister, a mother of three children and a grandmother gives her special insight to following God.  I have found Nan to be a very godly woman who has the ability to teach others about living a positive and happy life for Jesus Christ, even in hard times.  May God continue to bless her work for Him.”

~ Rev. David Blackburn
Director of Missions
Ashe Baptist Association

“God has given Nan a fabulous talent for teaching. It’s wonderful that she uses it to help women get close enough to God to hear His heartbeat.” 

~ Gladys Harrison
Oak Grove Baptist Church
Granite Falls, NC


A love offering or the allotted ministry budget plus travel expenses is requested.  If there are only a few of you and a love offering would be awkward, that is no problem. Contact me and we can talk.

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