Beloved, Look From Your Wilderness and Behold Your God

Beloved, Look From Your Wilderness and Behold Your God
Beloved, look from your wilderness and behold your God.

Beloved, look from your wilderness and behold your God.

“My beloved spoke, and said to me: ‘Rise up, my love, my fair one, and come away.

For lo, the winter is past, the rain is over and gone. The flowers appear on the earth…’”

~ Song of Solomon 2:10-12, NKJV

I sat on the hillside in the grass. In the distance thunderheads billowed — great towers of fleece illuminated by the sun. At my feet a small blue butterfly, the color of polished sapphire, danced and darted about.


A color of significance in the Old Testament Tabernacle used to remind the children of God to look from their wilderness toward the heavens.

In their heavenward gaze they could behold their God.

The graceful blue creature fluttered around me, teasing, and beckoning me to follow him with my eyes — causing me to contemplate his beauty. Wings, soft as a rose petal, beat against the current of the breeze. His tiny body lifted higher and higher against the backdrop of aquamarine, my head tilting back as I watched my small companion rise toward heaven. Out of the ominous clouds came a rolling thunder. It shook me to my core. Not physically, but deep within my spirit — my heart skipped a beat as I thought about the Lord, beholding Him from my wilderness.

Nan, the Lord spoke quietly within me. Run to Me. Rest in Me. I am your Beloved and you are Mine. Nothing else will satisfy. Give Me your days — your moments. I am the One who orchestrates your life. You can trust Me. I hold you in the palm of My hand. Nothing can come near Your tent without coming past Me first. I am Your security, your Guide. Trust Me. Seek Me and you will find Me. Seek Me with all of your heart and I will reveal My deep love for you. Rejoice in My Presence. Rejoice, I say. Rejoice.

I closed my eyes in amazement. Peace settled upon me. In my moment of frustration — in the place of my wilderness — my God had loved me and comforted me. He opened my eyes to see Him, my ears to hear His sweet voice.

Dear One, you too, are God’s beloved. Let your eyes rise from your wilderness to the blue of His heavens that you might behold His glory. The Lord will never leave nor forsake us, for He is faithful.

Father God, Thank You for meeting me at my point of need. Your love amazes me and humbles me. Grace so undeserved. I pray for my precious readers who find themselves in a place of frustration or confusion. Open their eyes to behold Your Presence. Let them feel Your breath upon their hearts. Encourage them, Lord. Thank You. We love You so much. We appreciate all You do for us. Forgive us for when we take You and Your blessings for granted. And, Lord, thank You for the little blue butterfly that led me to Your throne.

About The Author

Nan Jones

God has called me to help you find Him in your darkest hour. Through the written word and the spoken voice of my heart, I will share with you how to recognize God’s Presence with you always—through good and bad, through joy and sorrow, through peace and anguish. He promises to never forsake us, to never leave us. God’s Presence is not contingent on our attitude. I have learned that we are surrounded by His Presence every moment of every day—even when it feels as if we’ve been abandoned. Our God is faithful.


  1. Marcie Bridges

    This, this is so needed today. I am sure I read it this week but sometimes I get distracted and I forget to come back to it, to Him. And sometimes I think God distracts me so that on another day, when I need to read something the most, He leads me back to it. I love this whole post. Especially the parts about running to God, resting in Him, being His beloved and the whole idea of the little blue butterfly that leads us to look toward the heavens to fix our eyes on Jesus. Oh yes. And then, and then there’s this little phrase in the prayer that stood out like a plaid shirt (only better): Forgive us for when we take You and Your blessings for granted. Oh goodness. How often do I do that? Thank you Lord for focusing me back onto you through my dear friend’s post. Amen.

    • Nan Jones

      You are so precious. Thank you for encouraging me through your comment. I’m so thankful the Lord ministered to you also.


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