“And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.”
(Romans 8:28)

I have been learning a lot about eternal purposes lately.

We are so focused on the here and now. After all, we are physical beings living in a physical world. Everything that impacts our lives is of utmost importance to us, as it should be. But we need to understand that God’s perspective may not be the same as ours, for God is Spirit. For us, our life may last 80 or 90 years, but to God, our life is but a snap of the fingers in light of eternity.

So, I’m learning (from my Jewish brothers and sisters) that the Lord is always considering our eternity. Oh, be sure, He is concerned about our needs. He delights in providing for His children. But, that’s just because He is our Father and that’s what Dads do. As Almighty God, His main concern is that we spend eternity with Him, that we are changed from glory to glory, that we are transformed into the image of His Son.

That is His purpose.
And the goodness occurs for those who love Him.
And the goodness occurs for those who do their best to walk in obedience.

One of my favorite devotional books of all time is Come Away My Beloved by Frances J. Roberts. It is a collection of gentle whisperings of the Holy Spirit to Frances Roberts during his quiet time with the Lord. He recorded these precious words to encourage others in their walk of faith. Please let the Holy Spirit minister to you as I share one of the messages that encouraged Frances Roberts many years ago:


Hold fast, for I am with you:
Stand still, for I am your God.
Be quiet before Me,
For I have arranged all things for you according to My good will,
Yes, according to My eternal purposes.

For I have purposes and plans and desires which reach far beyond your present view.
You see only the immediate situation,
but My thoughts for you and My planning for you embrace eternity.
Yes, you are in My hand.
Rest there, and leave all else to Me.

God’s Perspective.
Something to think about.

No matter how vicious your trial may be, you can KNOW that God will be faithful to fulfill His good purpose in you.

You are so precious Lord. Thank you for Your encouraging Word today. Help us to rest in the assurance that You – the Sovereign Lord – have everything in control. Nothing comes our way without coming past You first. Help us to look into Your eyes, to seek Your face when we feel frantic. Calm us, Lord. Quiet our spirits and cause us to rest in You. Thank You, Lord.