“Let be and be still, and know – recognize and understand – that I am God.”
(Psalm 46:10, Amplified Bible)

I think I just heard a resounding Amen!! Isn’t that good? Let’s read it again, this time with ZING!

“Let be and be still, and know – recognize and understand – that I am God.”

Let be…leave it alone, relinquish it, lay it at the foot of the cross…let be.

Why is that so hard? Why are we so stubborn? Why on earth do we choose to carry burdens that we were never created to carry? Why??

I don’t have the answer.
But, I know Someone who does.
His Name is Jesus.
We look at Him and we see God.

The Contemporary English Version of the Bible says it this way, “Our God says, ‘Calm down, and learn that I am God!'”

I have to admit that this one made me laugh. Can’t you just hear our Heavenly Father saying that? “Calm down!” How many times have we said those words to our own children or to a loved one? “Calm down. It’s gonna be okay.”

Our God is so awesome! Look around and see the evidence of His power. Take a minute and remember His faithfulness, the times He provided for you miraculously, the times He filled you with hope when you were engulfed in despair.

And then, let be. Be still. Crawl into your Father’s lap and understand that He is God and that if He hung the stars in the sky, surely He can make everything okay for you.

Father, Thank You so much for Your “Daddy” love. It is so comforting to understand the Father-child relationship You have with us. Help us to grasp the power of that Truth…WE are Your children, YOU are our Father and NOTHING is too difficult for You. Teach us to literally be still before You and know that You and You alone are God. Thank You, Lord.