Solvieg Leithaug's music speaks to her personal faith and love for Jesus.

Solvieg Leithaug’s music speaks to her personal faith and love for Jesus.

I have the honor of sharing Solveig Leithaug — Norwegian Christian songwriter/musician extraordinaire with you today as she launches her new CD, Time. She now lives in Franklin, Tennessee with her husband Jim Gentry and their five kids. I remember Solveig’s music from my early walk with Jesus back in the ’80s. Her spirit is magnificently sweet and humble, her music soothing and peaceful — just what an aching heart longs for.

Solveig Leithaug

Solveig Leithaug

Below is a video interview of Solveig conducted by Karen Power, speaker booking agent, training and support services, coach, consultant, author, mixed media artist, and musician. I am sharing some notes from the video that helped me understand what role faith plays in Solveig’s life and, in turn, will resonate with you as I strive to encourage you in the Lord.


What a blessing it is to share Solveig and Karen with you today.

WHAT FIVE WORDS WOULD YOU USE TO DESCRIBE YOURSELF?                                                    Jesus, family, friends, music, food and a sixth would be coffee!

AS A YOUNG WOMAN, WHICH ARTISTS DID YOU LISTEN TO THAT HELPED TO SHAPE YOUR OWN MUSIC?                                                                                                                                           Andre’ Crouch, Second Chapter of Acts, and Larry Norman. (These folks helped to shape and strengthen my faith too ~ Nan)

Tell US ABOUT Time, YOUR LATEST CD.                                                                                                        This project creates a bridge between Christian music and secular. It works for anyone — not all of my listeners are people of faith. My songs speak to my personal faith and love for Jesus so it is my hope this CD could be given as a gift to anyone who may not listen to Christian music. In this way, seeds of faith  will be planted in their hearts.

Recently, a friend who works in Norwegian broadcasting told me, “I’m not a  Christian, Solveig. When I  think of you, I think of an artist who sings from her heart.” That was music to my ears! I was thankful for  that because what he was telling me was that he can enjoy listening to my music and find a takeaway.

BESIDES LAUNCHING YOUR LATEST CD, WHAT ELSE IS COMING UP FOR YOU?                    In October I will be involved in a Christian pilgrimage with pilgrims from Norway walking the Camino de Santiago in Spain. I will be providing musical devotions for them.

Summarizing her goal as an artist, Solveig states: “Whether performing with a band, full orchestra and choir, or alone with my guitar, my prayer has always been that my music will be an artistic bridge of hope, connecting the listener to their Creator.”

To listen to the entire interview, join Karen and Solveig below. You’re going to love her as much as I do.

The song below, Take Your Word for It, is one of my favorites on her new CD, Time. In the interview, Solveig said it is a song about trusting God when we’re feeling overwhelmed. In challenging times we pray, “Jesus, help me! Lord, help me trust You again.” Solveig said this song helps her focus on Jesus again. I think it will bless you.

About Solveig Leithaug

“Listening to Solveig singing is like the pure vibrations of an innocent soul. She bypasses our cynical scar tissue and stylistic prejudices and goes–like the laughter of a child–straight to the heart.” Gloria Gaither, Award-winning songwriter

Dove Award-winning recording artist Solveig Leithaug is hesitant to admit that she is an internationally loved singer-songwriter and masterful guitar player. In fact, her decades of phenomenal success is not the result of a desire to “get ahead” but simply an outpouring of support from people across the globe who have connected with her music and her heart. Her gentle-yet-powerful gift for writing and communicating a song catches listeners by surprise and invites them into the joys and challenges that have refined her artistically and spiritually.

With fifteen solo recordings, including her newest release Time (spring 2017), and three best-selling children’s CD’s to her credit, Solveig consistently breaks new ground with each release. Her music is a brilliant blend of heart and art, fitting for a wide variety of events and venues of all sizes.

She performs around 30-40 concerts per year, and tours frequently in her native Norway. Her repertoire ranges from original songs that mirror her life and faith, to her own arrangements of traditional Scandinavian folksongs and classic hymns. Solveig has performed in over twenty nations, from Parliament functions, national and international conferences to cathedrals, prisons, jazz-cafes and outdoor festivals. She is featured on the Billboard chart-topping Gaither Homecoming Series with her live performances of her original song “Everything Has Its Season” on Women of Homecoming, Volume 1 (DVD and CD), and the classic “Leaning on the Everlasting Arms” on How Great Thou Art (DVD and CD) from The Grand Ole Opry. Millions have watched her perform on Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) TV-programs over the years.

An ordained minister since 1994, Solveig is a commentary writer for Thomas Nelson’s Women of Destiny Bible and contributed devotionals for Thomas Nelson’s 2012 Gaither Homecoming Bible. She currently serves as a founding board member for Compassion International in their Nordic region.

In addition to her roles as an actively touring artist, and songwriter, Solveig is first a wife to Jim, a mom and a stepmom. Her family resides near Nashville, Tennessee.

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